It’s time to get up, but you snooze. And then snooze again.

Before you know it, fifteen minutes remain before the train to work is leaving. PJ’s still on and even though its cute enough to wear outside home (at least for fashion week or a shoot for some fabulous Vogue editorial) its time to realise that you got ten minutes to pull today’s look. Trying out the whole closet is not an option. Luckily we got THE ultimate solution and it’s spelled: B A S I C S.

Yup, we know. Quite boring (just compare getting a plain white t-shirt to an exciting colourful party dress) and also often expensive. But it WILL be worth it. Promise! As soon this stuff found its way to your closet, the amount of stress each morning will drastically decrease. And we’ve handpicked plenty of options: go for the budget pieces or empty your wallet (make sure to call it an investment though!!), it’s all your choice.

SO, here are 9 Classic Wardrobe Essentials that will save you! Every. Single. Day.

Happy Shopping aaand You’re Welcome (;

1. THE WHITE SHIRT. Never goes wrong. Here are our top picks at the moment:

2. JEANS. Not that easy to find, but once its done, they might be the best thing that ever happened to you. Skinny? Flared? Loose? All of the above please!

3. BLACK PUMPS. The hight doesn’t matter, as long as they look this fabulous, we want them all.

4. PLAIN T-SHIRT. Grey, white or black. It’s all gonna look perfect. With anything you wear.

5. A BLACK TROUSER. Because they are so very easy to style. 

6. FLAT SANDALS. Since it’s still summer (the temperatures during winter in Australia is pretty much same as summer in Scandinavia, so yeah..) we thought it might be cool to put in some of the most perfect flat sandals out there:

7. THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS. Every girl needs a LBD in their closet. We don’t really need to explain this one, right?

8. LEATHER JACKET. The easiest and quickest way to look badass and this is the hottest ones available online right now: 

9. AN EVERYDAY TOTE BAG. If it fits your laptop, workout clothes AND looks this good, you’ll never need to worry again.