About Zanita Studio

Welcome. We think you’ll fit right in here.

Let us introduce ourselves… This is Zanita Studio, the fresh voice of model, photographer, and creative director, Zanita Whittington, and her team of creatives.

You might have noticed that we’ve had a little facelift. This isn’t the old Zanita.com. This is a new and improved website with an innovative editorial promise. In the years since Zanita started this site in 2008, she has continually pushed the boundaries of what a personal style blog could be. With her keen eye and creative outlook, Zanita has produced some of the most original runway coverage, editorials, and reportage in the fashion blogosphere. The one thread running through all of her content was a promise of joy. And now, she does it all with a team of creatives. Whether you’re a regular reader or a one-time visitor, a client or a contributor, Zanita.com strives excite and inspire you.


Meet the Team

zanita whittington fashion blogger

Zanita Whittington

Creative Director

Zanita is one of the world’s most respected and successful influencers. When she first started her blog in 2008, she was already working as a model and photographer in Australia. Zanita.com was an outlet for her creative pursuits. What started with a laptop and a Canon DSLR quickly grew in size and scope. Soon, Zanita was jetting off to Paris to work with Louis Vuitton, London to work with Jimmy Choo, and New York to work with Ralph Lauren. Zanita has contributed content to Vogue.com and H&M, has sat front row at countless international fashion weeks, and was featured on the cover of Conde Nast’s Lucky magazine as one of “fashion’s digital superstars” in February 2015. Zanita was also named Top 20 Most Influential Style Bloggers by Fashionista and Aussie Digital Influencers You Should Know by Stylight.

Regularly featured in print and online magazines as a Photographer and Model, she has also taken photography commissions for Vogue.com, Vogue China, Elle, Lucky Magazine, and more. Zanita’s clients include H&M, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Harrods, Louis Vuitton, Myer, Topshop, NBC, Cathay Pacific, Samsung, and Hyatt Group among others. For any commercial inquiries please contact gustav@zanita.com or info@zanita.com.

susan hang - zanita studio

Susan Hang

Head of Content & Beauty Editor

Susan oversees all content on Zanita Studio and manages its editorial operations. As the Beauty Editor, she takes a simple approach in helping you discover your BEST beauty uniform. When not working, she’s on a perpetual mission to find the next breakthrough in skincare and makeup, and merrymaking with her rugrats, Jolie & Axel.


monica bestek - fitness and fashion blogger

Monica Bestek

Contributor, Fitness & Lifestyle

Monica is a style, health, and travel blogger based in Australia. You’ll most likely find her sipping a cappuccino, snapping her covetable wholesome breakfast, or shoving kale into a juicer. She has an unquenchable thirst to travel, enjoy good food, and pile onto her wardrobe all the while staying insanely fit and healthy.


ben orkin - food blogger and photographer

Ben Orkin

Contributor, Food

Ben is a young self-taught baker, food stylist and photographer. Born and raised Cape Town, South Africa, he was lucky enough to find his passion so early on in life – living proof that no matter how old you are, it’s never too early (or late) to pursue your dreams. When he’s not baking, you’ll find him making art or obsessing over the fine print on most packages (he’s a sucker for rules). Bon appetit!


brittany grace - not another blonde

Brittany Grace

Contributor, Career & Personal Development

Brittany is the blonde behind the blog Not Another Blonde. A self-proclaimed blogger for bloggers, she moved to NYC in pursuit of her dreams and is achieving them one day at a time while helping others to do the same. When she’s not blogging she’s bossing her boyfriend around on Snapchat, consulting brands and bloggers, and contributing to Zanita Studio. No idea is too big and it’s never too late to start doing what you love.



Eduarda Loureiro

Intern & Contributor, Fashion

Eduarda is a graphic designer turned blogger living in New York City, but comes from across the Atlantic. Her sense of humor comes from her dad and keen fashion sense from her mom. She’s always up for a good challenge, loves her new puppy and life in the Big Apple. She ends the day sipping a glass of wine while working in a handful of sit-ups (ha!).