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New Vision, New Hair!

Written by: Zanita Whittington

We all have that one hang up about our personal appearance that we probably need to just chill about – but we can’t – because it defines our identity. Mine is my hair. I chopped it all off during a stressful period of my life (classic move) and haven’t looked back. Wavy, weird and unpredictable – hair imitating life.









While I like to change my hair as often as my personal style, it’s not the most nurturing or practical move. Platinum locks have perhaps been the most popular look I’ve sported in recent times – so I ventured back to Moroccanoil Academy for a an updated reinvention – this time, not TOTAL platinum – but the kind of look that isn’t so gnarly when it grows out… and let’s face it, if you’re going for such a dramatic change, embracing a little regrowth is just rock’n’roll.

So here’s the run down on Moroccanoil’s new Chromatech technology – designed to give you the colour you want without your precious strands paying the ultimate price.

STEP ONE:  Moroccanoil ChromaTech PRIME helps to increase color deposit and equalize porosity for more even results, while gently soothing the scalp to minimize discomfort during a color service.

TRANSLATION: We all know that getting your hair done can occasionally be a painful process – and sometimes you don’t get exactly what you signed up for. Moroccanoil ChromaTech Prime negates those two worries in one fell swoop.

STEP TWO: Moroccanoil ChromaTech POST is a vital post-color treatment specially formulated to both chemically and mechanically repair damaged hair following a color service, sealing the cuticle for maximum color longevity.

TRANSLATION: Like spilling red wine on a sofa, once you colour your hair, your gotta act fast to nourish it back to its original form – and Moroccanoil ChromaTech POST is your ‘dame in shining armour’, charging right in to hold the natural health of your hair tightly to her breast and reignite it with blazing colour.

STEP THREE: Moroccanoil Color Continue Shampoo & Conditioner extend the results of the in-salon ChromaTech services through the continuous repair with each and every use, restoring the quality of hair to better retain color.

TRANSLATION:  There’s a second time for everything – like that time you got your colour done and it looked fine for a week and you’re back in the salon a hot minute later –  like – what the heck??? But Moroccanoil Color Continue Shampoo & Conditioner makes the first time a charm, ensuring your colour has the legs to retain colour between your salon visits. Well worth the investment!


STEP FOUR: Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Spray is a leave-in conditioner formulated to prevent color fading and brassiness. By acting as a leave-in shield to protect against hair color oxidation, the product helps neutralize free radicals generated by pollution and other environmental stressors while absorbing UV rays.

TRANSLATION: They might be free, but there’s nothing radical about free radicals. You don’t have time for negativity in your life – and you don’t have time for negativity in your hair. Enter Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Sprayit’s like that one friend who’s got your back even if you’ve kinda done the wrong thing. High five buddy!


So that’s the DL on my new fab look! Thanks so much Moroccanoil for giving me that sorta’ hair confidence that has me skipping down the street and singing songs that no one else can hear…. it’s like no-one’s watching! But with this vibrant blonde, they kinda are… 😉