6 Women Using Social Media to Grow their Business

Written by: Susan Hang

Social media is more than just some pretty pictures.

These 6 women are harnessing the power of the internet to not only share their lives, but to use it as a tool to grow their business and create the life they want. Take them for role models and use them as inspirations in your own entrepreneurial pursuit. With the right attitude and spirit, the following women have really lifted their careers off and have seen a lot of success in posting original content that’s highly engaging content as well as allowing the consumer to connect with the face behind the brand.

6 Women Using Social Media to Grow their Business | Zanita.com6 Women Using Social Media to Grow their Business |


A literal radiant queen of social media, Kiitan is a Nigerian beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. Her presence is absolutely mesmerizing and certainly an entrepreneur to follow. She recently founded the company, Atarah Avenue, a headwrap company offering up beautiful designs and patterns. Kiitan is a women who can do it all!


Alice Longyu Gao – if you do not know her by now, there is a chance you might have heard what she produces! Her harajuku-inspired music has reverberated through the walls of shows such as Diesel and Juicy Couture as models stomped down the runway.

She currently resides in East Village but is taking over the city (and instagram) by storm. With her telling bright hair and ethereal makeup that always seems to sparkle in the light, Alice uses her platform as an extension of herself, allowing the world to get to know her through her spunky personality. Doing so, has allowed her DJing career to blossom and flourish like no other.

6 Women Using Social Media to Grow their Business |


Megan Hess is a force to be reckoned with. As a well known fashion illustrator who has the pleasure of working with talents such as Dior, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy, she has created quite the name for herself. In addition, she is also an author and illustrator of Claris the Mouse, a children’s book about the chicest rodent in Paris. Her career is anything but ordinary and her instagram success and following has certainly propelled things even further as we get a glimpse into her daily life.


You know those accounts where you find yourself completely immersed and next thing you know you have scrolled to the end of their feed? That is Yeha Leung’s content to a tee. Her entire aura and the product she produces is so beautiful and intricate. Yeha owns Creepyyeha, a company creating custom, handmade lingerie and leather goods. Yeha has used social media to gain notoriety and position herself as an expert lingerie artisan.

6 Women Using Social Media to Grow their Business | Zanita.com6 Women Using Social Media to Grow their Business |


Just by looking, you can tell Mary is a beautiful soul and artist. Based in New York, she has created a name for herself and is currently the creator behind WATERSTUDIOS – a customized handbag company. Mary carefully hand paints these bags with graffiti inspired depictions, capturing the spirit of the city she lives in.

6 Women Using Social Media to Grow their Business |


Fisayo Longe is a fashion icon, having gained success in blogging and social media, she has used this expertise to start Kai Collective – an affordable clothing line with luxury aesthetics. Fisayo has made social media work for her business because she started out sharing her own personal style and furthered her success from there. Showing no signs of stopping, FIsayo is ready to conquer the world, one instagram post at a time!

Are there any social media biz wiz’s you’re ogling over? Would love to hear all about it!


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