How to Plan and Pack Outfits for a Trip Like a Pro

Written by: Susan Hang

It is time to put that PTO to action and take a well deserved vacation.

For those that have had a trip planned in its entirety for the past year or for those spontaneous individuals who decided to go on a last minute long weekend getaway, there’s one thing you have in common… You still need to decide which outfits to bring. Depending on your packing skill level, it can be quite stressful pre-planning looks and ensuring you do not forget everything. As a seasoned traveler, here are some of my favorite tips for how to plan and pack outfits for a trip like a pro!


Check the weather

This may be obvious to some, but you would be surprised at how many people just assume what the weather will be like wherever they are going. To their dismay, they arrive at the destination and find the clothing they packed is not necessarily fitting for the situation. So learn from their experience and be never be one to assume. Anything is possible. Be sure to continuously check the weather leading up to the big trip!

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Thanks to the power of social media, we now have access to a collaborative resource that lets us get a glimpse of where we are headed, even if it is across the world. Take advantage by browsing through the hashtag and geotag of the location in question. Doing this preliminary check will give you an idea of what people are wearing, what the general climate is and even other sights to add to your itinerary. Plus, as a blogger, it is a great resource to scout where the best locations are to shoot photos. This is how I plan my “must-see” sights.

Create a List

The next thing I suggest doing is creating a list. Whether it be on good ol’ fashioned pen and paper or using the notes app on your iPhone, a list is incredibly helpful as you begin the actual packing and process. For me personally, two words: Wunderlist or Trello – those two apps keep me organized like nothing before. It forces you to breakdown every critical item you need to bring with you. Plus, it is so extremely satisfying being able to cross or check things off one at a time.


Put It All Together

Now that you have done your homework, it is time for the fun part – actually packing your clothes! Gather all the pieces you know you want to definitely bring along on vacation with you – whether that be the things you recently purchased, need to photograph for a campaign, etc. Use those as your foundation and build up your outfits from there. Don’t forget to reference the checklist you made earlier!

Lay It Out

I am a visual person so I try everything on to ensure I build a strong outfit, while also keeping in mind comfort and climate. Sometimes, it even helps to take a photo of the completed looks you can reference it on vacation. Make sure you account for things such as jewelry, shoes and handbags so nothing gets left behind.

How To Pack

For the actual packing piece, I’m a fan of laying things flat (especially the ones that easily wrinkle) and rolling. Also, stuffing things inside of other things, such as socks inside my shoes, irons in my clothes, and beauty products in my pink Glossier pouches. I’m all about compartmentalizing and it has saved me so much time!

Nothing makes me happier when everything seems to come together in organization! Planning vacations can be quite stressful because there is so much prep you need to do prior. However, I hope these outfit planning and packing tips serve as a useful resource as you gear up for your next getaway.

Do you have any go-to packing tips?


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