5 Steps to Achieve A Growth Mindset By Year End

Written by: Susan Hang

I have preached many times since writing on The Studio, that June is a great month to reflect on your accomplishments for the year… It’s time to get real honest!

And to be honest, if you’re not feeling any better about your situation now than you did at the start of the year, things need to change. That starts with your mind. Not long ago, I came across Psycho Cybernetics and it’s completely changed my life – my mindset. It was this book that allowed me to dig deep into my insecurities, obstacles for growth, and change my outlook on life and business. Looking back, I can honestly say that I have ever been more committed to growth – and myself – than I have in the last month.

Do yourself the favor and read the book. But while that’s in the works, I’ll dish out the 5 steps to achieve a growth mindset that’s completely transformed me today.

5 Steps to Achieve A Growth Mindset By Year End | Zanita.com1: Re-engineer your thoughts

You would think this is common sense, but if it is, too many of us have been missing the mark our whole lives. So much of our limitations are imposed by our thoughts that we don’t even realize it. It defaults to safety through years of conditioning in our upbringing, what we’ve seen/observe, and the people we spend the most time with.

If you don’t start paying attention to your thoughts now, it’s going to be near impossible to experience growth. I’m willing to bet you grew up with the same mindset training I did, i.e. none. Truth is your mind creates a false image of yourself to yourself. The book gets into far more detail about this, but long story short, pay attention to your thoughts – what it says about you to you – and re-engineer it.

2: Set declarations NOT affirmations

I used to be an affirmations aficionado, but I now know that affirmations aren’t the key to success – declarations are! An affirmation states that a result is already happening when it hasn’t, and subconsciously we know it! That means our mind is saying something else. A declaration on the other hand states an intention without assuming that it’s already happening. The difference is minuscule but put it into action and notice how your mind and emotions change!

3: Meditate or Visualize!

I started mediating when I got back from Europe and then fell off the routine and tried getting back into it. Then earlier last month, I started mediating again only to find myself falling asleep each time (does this happen to anyone else)? And then…I started visualizing during mediation and the results have been WOW! I have far more energy and motivation to tackle the day. What exactly do I visualize? Well since acknowledging the power of my mind, I make a conscious effort to re-imagine the successes I’ve had in the past – namely the specific emotions I felt. Then I visualize myself (and feel emotions of succeeding) in future ventures. Sure, I’ve had my fair share of losses, but apparently the mind can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not! So as you’ve heard since childhood, DREAM ON!

4: Journal

Immediately after meditating/visualizing, I let the energy flow into writing. The topic varies on a day to day basis and I only write maybe 6-20 sentences but it’s putting my thoughts onto paper – my declarations and my emotions. I express gratitude and write down everything I want to manifest in my life and then really feel it manifest.

5: Monitor your thoughts

When truth sets in, you’ll learn that bad days happen so you have to monitor your thoughts constantly. I’ve discovered that nothing has meaning unless I give it meaning. From rejections to feelings of defeat, I let them come then let them pass. I only entertain the thoughts that help me grow!

What’s your experience with mindset training? Try these and let me know how it helps!


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