How To Be More Environmentally Friendly as a Blogger

Written by: Susan Hang

In an industry where there is so much focus on the material things, it is difficult to take a step back and look at the grand scheme of things.

As I become more conscious of my surroundings and my general impact on the world, being more environmentally friendly has been come increasingly more important to me.

There is no denying the earth is suffering from society’s wasteful tendencies. I am not pointing the finger at any one individual but more as a collective. There is a lot more everyone can do to be green and this really starts being aware of an individual responsibility. If you’re a blogger and this issue has ever crossed your mind, here are some tips for how to be more environmentally friendly as a blogger.

How To Be More Environmentally Friendly as a Blogger | Zanita.comReduce

One of the first things I think of when it comes to the blogging community is the excessive PR packaging we receive from brands as they all try to outdo each other to see who creates the better “WOW” factor. No discredit to the marketing team, but if the product is amazing it should speak volumes by itself, without the abundance of cardboard. Right?

A way we can try and combat this is to communicate our thoughts with the company. If they happen to reach out to you about sending some PR product, try having a conversation about the packaging. Ask if they can send the product in minimal packaging so there is less waste from the start. You do not have to push this either, but just asking puts the idea in their head and could lead to a change in their future.


This idea requires a bit more creativity but if you can discover new and interesting way to breathe some life into old products instead of casting it away, then more power to you! For instance, you can get crafty and try and DIY some of your old clothes. For instance, I love adding distressing and raw hem cuts to some of my old jeans for something fresh and updated.

In addition, I am fully aware thrifting is not for everyone. However, it is a great alternative to fast fashion. Exploring thrift stores for hidden gems and unique pieces is so rewarding and everyone feels happy when they manage to find an amazing deal. Win-win situation.


Let’s be honest, how many of my fashion bloggers have a section in their closet of items they have not touched in months, even years? As it is that time of year, maybe it is finally time to conduct some spring cleaning. Instead of throwing old garments away, consider donating items in good condition to your local Goodwill or even upload them online to sell to a new owner. After all, maybe you cannot picture yourself wearing it anymore, but someone out there will.

Buy less, but better

One of my personal favorite tips is to buy less but buy better. You might spend a little more money up front but it’ll wear better, last longer, and you’re guaranteed to not just push it to the back of the closet for the next trend. There are also sustainable fashion brands that I can support 100% like Reformation, Everlane, or HM’s Conscious Sustainable line.

As a society, we all need to work together to be more environmentally aware of our impact on the planet we happen to call home. Certainly, I am not saying this solely relies in the hands of bloggers, but instead I just wanted to make you more aware of the idea because you do you have a powerful voice in your own community. Do not discredit yourself. Although you are only one individual, even the smallest changes can have a large impact.

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