Meet 6 Women Who Are Defying Social Media Constructs

Written by: Susan Hang

In a digital universe where it seems as if everything is oversaturated, duplicated and disingenuous, shines some beautiful women who are seemingly defying social media constructs.

By throwing preconceptions out the window and embracing change, these women are using their online profiles as a form of creative outlet to connect with others and promote the beauty of art.

Here at Zanita Studio, we believe it is imperative we take time to celebrate women that break out of the box. These creatives are certainly not shy in expressing their ideas and continue to approach social media in a way that is bold and emblematic. This month, I am highlighting 6 dauntless women who are defying social media. I love meeting those whose vision is unparalleled to others.

6 Women Who Are Defying Social Media Constructs |


A carefree youth with an eye for all things ethereal, dreamy and bathed in natural golden lighting. Bella is only 18 years old but is just as experienced and talented as any other photographer/creative in the game. Her ability to capture a model or landscape in a way that is sublime and effortless is immediately apparent upon inspection of her feed. Bella’s Instagram posts range from perfected photoshoot stills, behind-the-scene captures, mirror selfies and iPhone photos that all come together to represent Bella and her unique outlook on life.


Nancy Zhang is an enchanting painter based out of Berlin. Honestly, her instagram account is unlike anything else I have ever laid eyes on. She has taken the idea of a social media feed and interpreted it into her own visual moodboard that methodically displays her artwork in such an aesthetically pleasing way. She is known for her blend of real photographs with corresponding paintings that showcase the symmetry between life and art. I promise a follow to Nancy Zhang’s account will be a breath of fresh air to your timeline.

6 Women Who Are Defying Social Media Constructs | Zanita.com6 Women Who Are Defying Social Media Constructs |


One look at Raveena and you can instantaneously see her bright and vibrant personality. She is an Indian-American R&B singer with a voice that soothes the soul. Through her music and visuals, Raveena continually celebrates women of color. Her unique sense of style, self portraits and photographic stills blend together to produce a soft, feminine aesthetic that is addictive and inspiring.


Behind @bae.doe is Minahil, an unconventional influencer who embraces her body, opens up about insecurities, and isn’t afraid to express it. Body consciousness and the idea of what a “woman’s body” is supposed to look like in society today still baffles me. I love how Minahil is so real and gets right to the heart of it through her powerful, jaw-dropping portraits and witty commentary. It’s so refreshing to hear people bring this to light and she does it in a way that’s so authentic and original.


If you are familiar with street style, then you are familiar with Christina Paik. A digital mogul that does it all – photography, styling, blogging and more. However, just a couple of years ago, her social media feed was entirely different than it was today. She rarely showed her face, preferring to be elusive and hidden. As she became more confident in herself and her talent, she opened up to the online world more and is no longer shy of being in front of the camera. In a male dominated industry, Christina Paik continues to shine as a street style goddess.

6 Women Who Are Defying Social Media Constructs | Zanita.com6 Women Who Are Defying Social Media Constructs |


A Chinese-American individual who taught herself the Japanese language that eventually landed her on one of Japan’s biggest reality TV shows, Lauren Tsai is a multifaceted girl who is taking Instagram by storm. As a model and artist, she is not afraid of being herself. Her thoughts and individualistic outlook on life can be interpreted through her traditional and digital art pieces. Lauren Tsai is certainly one to look out for.

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