How Journaling Helps When You Feel Defeated

Written by: Susan Hang

One of the things I wish I knew before going freelance was insane amount of ups and downs I’d go through.

Sure, I’ve heard entrepreneurs speak of this roller coaster a few times before, but you really have no idea how volatile it is until you’re in a position where everything in your life depends on your efforts – money, relationships, and work itself. It’s a huge responsibility for a single person to carry on their shoulders. I’ve felt defeated far more times than I’ve felt successful – and as a matter of fact, many times up to this point, I’ve felt like an utter failure. But you live, you learn, and you improve…

One of the outlets I’ve used consistently to help me get over these strenuous road humps and propel forward is old-fashion writing and journaling. I think most people are afraid to approach journaling through their struggles because they have no idea what to write about. So in today’s segment, I’ll be sharing 5 things to reflect on when you’re feeling stuck and how journaling helps when you feel defeated.

How Journaling Helps When You Feel Defeated | Zanita.com

Make a list of your top 3 strengths and write about how you’ve demonstrated them.

The first step to accomplishing anything in life is believing in yourself. It’s that simple. Throughout my freelance period, I’ve questioned constantly whether or not I have it and whether I’m smart enough. When I start going through these periods of self-doubt, it’s cue to hit the journal where I’ll write what I feel are my top 3 strengths that helped me get to where I am today and how they’ll continue to help me breakthrough in the next segment of my career.

Key Lesson

Re-evaluating your strengths and talking about them in an unbiased manner will reinforce that you are smart enough and that you have it. It builds confidence! Try it and see how you feel afterwards.

Write 3 sentences about your purpose and how you’ve worked on it this year.

The next thing I focus on is purpose. But not just any old purpose like “inspire others” or “create beautiful work”. That’s what you see and know at the surface. You’ve got to get deeper. WHY? Because I write often, I can sum this up pretty quickly but for those of you who haven’t dove deep enough, it might take a few tries.

Key Lesson

Writing about your purpose keeps you on track and takes you back to why you started this lonely path to begin with. Anytime I feel defeated, going back to this “why” gives me a renewed sense of purpose, which ultimately helps me overcome those defeated feelings.

Now illustrate what the results of that purpose would look like.

Literally illustrate what the results of fulfilling that purpose would look like. Sounds childish but I like to get on my iPad Pro and start doodling things that I want to manifest in my life. You’ll often find in my journal drawings of a wide open studio space with lots of window light, flowers, happy people, and computers.

Key Lesson

Like writing, doodling relieves tensions and stress especially when drawing things that make YOU happy.

How Journaling Helps When You Feel Defeated | Zanita.comWrite down 3 things you’re struggling with most and how they’re holding you back.

If you’re like me and hate admitting your faults and shortcomings, then write them down. I learned recently that by writing down my top three self-limiting beliefs, I can effectively think through a game plan for removing bad habits and thought processes that are preventing me from getting to that next level I need. By doing so, I immediately gain perspective on the steps I need to take to move forward in my business and life.

Key Lesson

Limiting beliefs are thoughts or ideas that constrain you. By recognizing and addressing them, you’ll be able to find ways to cope with and eventually overcome them. It helps you stay in your lane and get in the zone.

List 3 things you’re most grateful for.

Freelancing and running a business is an endeavor that can really suck out the best of you especially in the beginning. With rejection after rejection and unanticipated slow growth, you’re bound to feel like at some point that maybe you took the wrong path. But hold off on that thought. Express gratitude often and recognize that you’re extremely blessed be in the position you are – to even be feeling this way. If you don’t, negativity will consume you and drive you to a dead end. And when that happens, achieving greatness becomes nearly impossible.

Key Lesson

Every opportunity is a blessing whether you win or lose. Write down the things you’re grateful for most so that you’ll have newfound energy to keep going in whatever path you’re pursuing.

Would love to hear your thoughts on journaling and if this is something you currently do!

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