How to Deal With Toxic Friends

Written by: Susan Hang

As you navigate life, you may realize friends tend to come and go.

Sometimes you may drift apart which happens as interests and other circumstances change over time. In other cases, there may be a falling out. Whatever the case, relationships have a monumental impact on the state of your well being and your general overall happiness. As they say, who you choose to spend your time with, let’s you know who you are as a person.

Now, I realize we are almost all adults now and it is almost ludicrous to think we do not have a hold on our own relationships. However, you would be surprised at the amount of toxic friendships that carry on into adulthood. I am here to tell you should never sacrifice yourself and your beliefs just to appease another party.

Cutting negative people out of your life is simply a form of self-care.

How to Deal with Toxic Friends | Zanita.comIf you’re ready to cleanse your life of less than meaningful relationships, follow my tips for how to deal with toxic friends.

Is This Friendship Causing More Harm Than Good?

There are some people in your life who love you unconditionally and shower you with genuine support and companionship. These types of positive relationships are easy to pinpoint. On the other side, there are some people who have a detrimental impact on one’s mental health and he or she in question may not even realize it…

Relationships should never be one-sided. Examine your daily interactions with the other party and if you find they often belittle, control, criticize, or guilt-trip you, then it is safe to say you will probably be better off cutting him or her out. Another way to determine this is to consider whether you feel emotionally and/or mentally drained after spending time with him or her. A toxic person always takes without giving back.

How do I let go of a toxic friendship?

Summon all your confidence and remember to stick to your gut when telling the other party about your decision. Hopefully he or she respects your choice, but if not, do not feel like you owe them a big explanation. After, I promise it will feel like a cathartic experience and your mental health will thank you. Self-preservation should prevail over any friendship.

In addition, I find it is so helpful to not only cut them off from your life socially, but digitally as well. This means deleting or blocking their cell phone number so you can prevent future conflicts. Also, unfollow or block them on all of your social media channels. You cannot move on from the friendship when they are constantly resurfacing on your timeline.

Takeaways for Future Relationships

It can be upsetting to end a relationship that meant a lot to you. Yet, you have the authority to let go of anything that is causing you harm and you should not feel any guilt by doing so. Letting go of toxic friends is a way of letting yourself know what you have value. Go forth knowing your self-worth and carry this to all of your current and future friendships and your life will improve tenfold.

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