3 Quick Tips for Staying Positive Even On a Terrible Day

Written by: Susan Hang

On any ordinary day, staying cheerful and positive are effortless tasks…

Where it gets difficult is when everything seems to go wrong. I’ve been reading and preaching The Law of Attraction these last few months because I strongly believe that you attract more of what you feel. That means when you think and feel like your world is crashing down on any given day, more things are likely to go wrong…

The fact that every day isn’t going to be a good day is indisputable, but the choice to go about it with a positive or negative attitude lies in your own hands. In the grand scheme of things, this day will come to be one of many, but the attitude with which you go about it has the power to stick with you for a lifetime. It’s up to you to take the right steps to steer yourself in the right direction. And the mindset, people, and thoughts you drown yourself in can either help you take that step forward to attract more positive things, or they can be the ones to bring you down farther than where you started.

3 Quick Tips for Staying Positive Even On a Terrible Day | Zanita.comIf you struggle with optimism, I’m sharing 3 quick tips for staying positive even on a terrible day. I often employ these tips in my daily life and believe they’ve completely transformed my outlook and my success.

If you can’t change the situation, reframe your mindset.

When things go wrong, it’s easy to hone in on the negative and focus on it. These days, I’ve learned to reframe my mindset when I can’t control the situation.

Did someone just cut you off on the highway? Maybe they have family in the hospital that they’re rushing to see. Did you just get a ticket? Maybe you could have caused an accident – and the ticket is just a warning to prevent it. My point is, try putting yourself in the shoes of the other person and give them the benefit of the doubt. Rising above the situation and replacing negative energy with something positive takes training but it’s so worth it once you realize how much lighter and happier you feel.

Focus on the solution.

When it comes to personal problems that you can’t make any logic of, refrain from focusing on the problem because that only prompts more negativity. Instead focus on the solution, cultivate an attitude of gratitude, and start the process for healing. If you just lost your job, get working on your resume or make a website to kickstart your own business. If you feel like your boss was being unfair in a promotion, view it as an opportunity to pursue something better. You never know how missing out can be a blessing in disguise. When you focus on the good, you attract more of it!

Do something you enjoy.

Sometimes, all you can do is sit back, breath, and do something you enjoy. Personally, I can reach this calm space by surrounding myself in music or watching videos of the people I admire. Right now, Will Smith has me on a high – I never knew how inspirational he was, but a whiff of his Insta always sends good vibes. Finding one’s serenity amidst the turbulence of life may can be achieved through surrounding yourself with people who have the very attitude you’re striving towards. It always works for me!

In what ways do you stay positive on a terrible day?


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