How to Manifest Blogging Success

Written by: Susan Hang

The word “manifestation” has been thrown around quite a lot recently. But what exactly is it and how can we harness it to achieve blogging success?

You may not realize it, but we are already manifesting experiences, people and goals all the time. However, the art of manifesting all boils down to awareness, intention, and action. When you understand the process better, success shall follow. I’ll be sharing my steps for how to manifest blogging success today. But before we begin, I want you to close your eyes and visualize a current blog goal you have been trying to achieve. For instance, some objectives could be to increase monthly page views, reach 30k followers on Instagram, gain more email subscribers, or publish blog posts twice a week. Whatever your current blog ambitions may be, take a moment to define it and even write it down for yourself.

How to Manifest Blogging Success | Zanita.comClear Intentions

Now that you have a blog goal fresh in your mind, one of the most important steps to manifestation is to make sure you approach with clear intentions. Map out how the achievement of this task will bring you happiness. For instance, say your goal is to grow your blog’s unique page views. This is beneficial because it will increase exposure and boost your SEO score. Knowing exactly what you want is the inception to the entire creation process.


The next step to a efficacious manifestation, is to take these clear intentions and dedicate yourself to them. Personally, I like to integrate my day’s manifestations into my morning ritual by laying out what I can do that day to get me closer to my end goal. Next, it is crucial to mediate and visualize yourself already reaching blogging success. Reflect on how rewarding it feels. In our case, tell yourself how your page views already skyrocketed in comparison to last month.

When your intentions, vision, and emotions all align, the faster your success will manifest. I know this sounds simple and too good to be true, but where many of us fall short in the manifestation process is in the alignment of those very three things.


This goes hand-in-hand with visualization. You cannot imagine yourself being successful without first believing in what you can do. If you have a mental roadblock of comparing yourself to more successful bloggers or thinking your content isn’t worthy enough to be read, then the manifestation process comes to a standstill. You need to recognize your doubts and push them to the side. Tell yourself that your blog is worth it and you are an amazing content-creator who deserves success.

Not only that, but you have to believe it WILL come without you having to force it. That means potential opportunities may slip and you will have bad days, but don’t like that deter you from what you want to achieve. Let others be as they are. Let the situation be what it is. When you’re ready, that success will come right to you.

Patience is Key

Lastly, the manifestation victory does not happen overnight. You need to recognize this is a cognitive process that leads you in the right direction. The universe has a plan for your blog’s prosperity and you need to trust in yourself and results will follow.

Manifesting blog success is definitely possible if done correctly. Essentially, it boils down to recognizing your own talent and ambitions in order to attain a set goal. Once you adapt this mentality, you can apply it to other facets of your life outside of blogging too. I encourage to you manifest your career, relationships, finances and happiness that will lead you towards a more fulfilling existence.

If you already use this method, I’d love to hear your results below!

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