How to Get in Shape Without Going to the Gym & Why

Written by: Susan Hang

Summer is quickly approaching and with it, the return of bikini season, but there are so many more reasons to get in shape now!

I’m constantly reading in business books how exercising is such an important part of the lives of CEOs. I’ve always pondered how accurate this was and now I know… A few months ago, I found myself tired all the time, lacking clarity and easily irritated. And every morning, my stomach felt achey and uncomfortable. I knew it was time for a change… In a previous life, I was far more active, but since making the leap to working for myself, time was just nonexistent. I’ve learned that you only have time what you make time for! So, I made time to get in shape without going to the gym.

The gym is honestly not for everyone. I have tried on numerous occasions to get in the routine of going, but I find it hard to make the time to have an effective workout. Instead, the past couple of weeks, I have established a healthy routine and it is all from the comfort of my own home. It is a combination of nutrition and working out, but I have definitely noticed results and find myself feeling more confident in my body and mind – which is what is most important! Here are some easy ways for getting started on a journey of transformation:

How to Get in Shape Without Going to the Gym & Why |

Eat Clean

I refuse to utilize the dreaded word “diet” because it is not a strict regimen by any means. However, if you want to see results, it truly does start in the kitchen. You can cook healthier meals at home, try to limit red meat intake and cut down on the snacking – and especially SUGAR.

Also, make it a point to consciously include more greens into your eating habits whether that means sticking to a salad for lunch or drinking more green smoothies. Another tip, implement your best self-control when going food shopping. You will seriously consume a lot less junk food and sugary drinks if you simply don’t bring them home to begin with! These days, my stomach feels much better!

At Home Workouts

As I was saying, you certainly do not need to hit the gym to get in shape. Dedicate at least half an hour of your time each day for a short workout session. This could be right when you wakeup or in the evening – whatever works best for your schedule. The beauty of working out from home is the flexibility of being able to do it whenever you want and wherever you want.

My home workout gear consists of a yoga mat, leg weights, handheld weights and a resistance band. As far as the workout itself, I absolutely love going to YouTube where there is a treasure chest of amazing content that is free! Blogilates is a great channel for Pilates based workouts and Boho Beautiful has challenging yoga routines that definitely make you feel the burn! What this has helped me with is focus! I’m finally doing one thing at a time instead of having my mind in so many different places.

Go for a short run around the neighborhood

I don’t think there’s any exercise better than running! Aside from pumping out those endorphins, you get time to clear your mind and break through something extremely difficult. All you need is 20 minutes! It’s always been a difficult activity for me, but also a reminder that if I can push through the hills and through that next quarter mile, I can do anything. I love bringing this mindset into my business. It leaves me feeling sharper and more determine. And it doesn’t cost a thing!

Stop Comparing

My last workout tip for you applies to everyone, whether you workout at the gym or from home. Never compare your journey to anyone else’s. Everyone works at their own pace and you should not measure your progress against someone else’s.

As long as you know that you are improving your lifestyle by making healthier eating choices and incorporating some physical activity to your daily routine. Doing so is truly beneficial to both your mind and body. Your goal should not only to look good, but to feel good and full of self-confidence.


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