The Art of Checking Things Off Your To-Do List

Written by: Susan Hang

Whether you are a full-time blogger or balance both blogging and a 9-to-5 job, staying on top of your work and schedule can be physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting.

It can seem like there are simply not enough hours in a day to get everything accomplished. Since leaving my job and pursuing self-employment, the task of managing my seemingly never ending list of things to do became quite daunting.

When I am faced with a precarious balancing act of tasks and responsibilities, I find list-making to be of utmost importance. I realize to-do lists are not a method for everyone, but I truly thrive off having every task laid out in front of me. That being said, today’s post is going to focus on how I conquer my responsibilities and seize productivity with the to-do list. If you’re ready to tackle the art of checking things off your to-do list, keep reading below!

The Art of Checking Things Off Your To-Do List | Zanita.com

Traditional vs. Modern

There are two types of to-do list people: those who need to physically write things down with good ol’ pen and paper and those who take a more modern approach by keeping digital records. I tend to be more old school, however I have tried my share of organizational apps. Evernote and Wunderlist are two of my personal favorites. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, choose a method that will be the most successful for you.

Organize into Categories

This is the part in which you can get creative. What categories I choose to utilize, may not be the same for you and vice versa. It is important to think about how you typically operate, what your day looks like on a daily basis and how your thought process tends to work. After routinely making to-do lists for years, here are some of my preferred methods.

Divide into Sections: If you are balancing multiple projects, consider organizing your tasks into sections. For instance, I may have different categories for all my clients, as well as categories for my personal life. Or maybe categories divided up into things related to events, meetings, phone calls and emails.

Prioritize: Most often, I find myself organizing my duties by urgency. This requires me to stop and ask myself how important each task is and when exactly it needs to get done by. From here, you can arrange in sequential order, allowing you to fully optimize your time and come up with a timeframe for all your work.

Check Things Off

Undeniably, my favorite part when it comes to the art of to-do lists is when a task is officially completed and I am able to check it off the list. Whether this be making a slash with a pen over the assignment or perhaps tapping a toggle to digitally do so, it is truly such a powerful feeling to have an actual indication of having something complete. Make sure to do this, so you can mentally prepare yourself for the next job at hand.

Again, maybe to-do lists are not necessarily your jam, but if you feel yourself getting consumed by an influx of work, consider trying it out. With a trial-and-error period, you will eventually hone in on the perfect method to match your lifestyle. Doing this has helped me manage all my various tasks, while also allowing me to maintain a work-life balance. I promise that to-do lists are an organizational game changer for any professional!


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