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Whip It Good – Extremely Nourished Skin, Minus The Oil

Written by: Zanita Whittington


When Winter comes round, two things happen to my skin. One, it tends to become so pale white it takes on a not-so-glamourous grey/blue tone. Two, it seemingly ages five years by the end of the day unless I’m discerning with the moisturiser I apply that morning.

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As a self appointed moisture aficionado, I’m not willing to compromise. I’m guilty of breaking budgets for the right creams.  I’m also not the most loyal in the sense that I’ll alternate between 4/5 different ones depending on the weather, the time of the month, the texture of my skin, how many late nights I’ve enjoyed/endured.

Enter Olay Luminous Whip.

I was enlisted by Olay to share my experience with this new product and it’s truly unlike anything I’ve come across yet. As a dry skinned individual and a proponent of extremely rich moisture and oils, I was hesitant. I love matte skin, matte lipstick – but unless the quality is stellar I’m often left a dry mess. What makes this moisturiser different, it IS very rich – while still being a delightful velvet matte, a glow sans the shine. Often rich moisturisers don’t work so well under make-up, I need to really wait for it all to soak in before applying – so I’m grateful to find Olay Whips the perfect middle ground solution. Olay Whips is especially beneficial post work being that my usual moisturisers just tend to sit on top of my skin for a near embarrassing amount of time.

I can’t speak for all skin times, but I can see Olay Whip being pretty versatile – and that’s without getting started on the incredible value of the product, sitting in the lower echelon when it comes to pricing, it’s more nurturing to the ol’ hip pocket.

I’m delighted to find this type of product that works for my winter skin. The proof is in the pudding. Olay’s new ‘Active Rush Technology’ means Luminous Whip holds 1000x its weight in moisture. Grateful to have had the chance to share this with you! Thanks so much to Olay for inviting me to try it out.

Paid post for Olay – all opinions are my own.