3 Ways to Challenge Yourself This Year

Written by: Susan Hang

Do you ever find yourself wondering why you can’t seem to achieve the big things you often dream about?

From personal experience and observation, I’ve concluded that the thing preventing us from doing what we want most is a lack of challenge. Financial security, a guarded sense of belonging, and a fear of failure are all the things keeping us right where we are. No progression. But no discomfort. This year, I challenge you to challenge yourself! If you’re not sure exactly how, here are 3 specific ways to challenge yourself and open up. As you tackle each task one by one, you’ll evolve into that fearless being you always wanted to be.
3 Ways to Challenge Yourself This Year |

Do one thing every month that SCARES you.

You know that saying about comfort zones – believe it… Nothing good grows there. The best way to combat comfort is by getting out of there and that means doing something every month that scares you. You want to try to do things like changing up your daily routine. Baby steps will eventually lead into big things – and that’s the perfect way to ease yourself into challenging yourself. This was especially hard for me at first because I was so stuck in my ways. A few things that make me super uncomfortable are promoting myself, going to networking events and talking to people, and traveling alone. All these things make me feel queasy inside… And I’d rather crawl into a hole and disappear. By putting yourself in those exact situations, you’ll learn to overcome those fears. So your first step this year is to get out of your comfort zone.

Try something new.

After you get out of your comfort zone, you should want to try new things. Perhaps it’s trying a new style you wouldn’t typically wear or attending networking events you would have never considered before. Getting out of your comfort zone is one thing, but trying something completely new and out of your element is another. Trying new things doesn’t necessarily mean doing things you don’t want to do. It’s about gaining new experiences that can better shape your future. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know. Last month during fashion week, when I noticed bloggers I admired and respected on Instagram, I walked up and introduce myself – something I have NEVER done at fashion week before. What I’ve learned is that the outcome is irrelevant… Once you have tried or attempted something new, you’ll learn that it wasn’t as scary as you imagine. More importantly, you’ll be surprised at how brave and capable you really are.

Try something HARD.

Aside from trying something new (which could be as simple as testing a new cuisine you’ve never had), try something difficult that tries your knowledge and pushes your skills. This can be planning a trip, learning a new language and traveling across the globe to another country that speaks an entirely foreign language. Learn how to invest your money and watch it grow. Take on a new hobby like photography or videography… Most people will try new things but won’t do something hard because it’s time consuming, progress is slow, and there’s no instant gratification. But do this, and watch how it enhances your vision and view of life.


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