How to Stand Out By Blogging With a Purpose

Written by: Susan Hang

Just a few years ago, the prospect of becoming a full-time, financially stable blogger or influencer was absolutely ludicrous. However, the industry seemed to take off, opening up so many opportunities for young individuals to have the ability to work for themselves and to be their own entrepreneur as long as you had access to the internet. Clearly, there is a universally wide appeal to a new age career such as this. Thus, fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs started cropping up all over.

So how does one stand out in such a saturation of blogs? One word: Purpose.

Today, we’re covering how you can stand out by blogging with a purpose.

How to Stand Out by Blogging With a Purpose | Zanita.comBlog with Intention

If you are noticing a stagnation in your blog engagement and traffic, maybe it is best to take a step back and start looking from another angle. Go back to your roots and think back to the reason why you started it in the first place. Was it to make money? Have a creative outlet? Connect with like individuals?

Obviously, your purpose back then could be different from your purpose now. That is completely okay. However, it is important to address whether or not you are fulfilling that purpose. It might be hard to believe, but readers can sense if there is passion written behind the words of a blog post. If you are simply writing hollowly with no real goal, it can be quite obvious. A reader is much more likely to stay and engage if they can sense your passion and excitement. This can only come across if you have reached self-realization of your own blog intentions.

Infuse Knowledge

To be quite honest, there are only so many ways one can talk about how to style boyfriend jeans. One of the best ways to mark yourself as individual is to change up the conversation. Not saying you should completely avoid styling posts but perhaps find a way to make it worthwhile for your reader.

For example, not only teach your readers how to style boyfriends jeans, but also explain to them why you love them, how they make you feel good and boosted your confidence, where you can purchase them, what occasions they are best for, etc. Your readers will remember all the knowledge they gained from your post and will certainly come back for more.

Build a Connection

After you have established your purpose and supplied your readers with new knowledge, it is also important to establish a connection with your audience. The most successful bloggers and influencers have managed to build an online community where his or her readers trust that individual. Your goal should be to have your readers think of you as friends or confidants. The best way to do this is to blog as genuinely and organically as possible. Share personal anecdotes, reply to comments and engage purposefully.

Should you follow these steps and blog with a sense of purpose, I have no doubt your blog should see an increase in engagement and readership. These are truly the fundamentals to building a successful online presence as an influencer or a blogger. Above all, just be yourself and others will surely flock to you.


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