How to Spring Clean Your Closet

Written by: Susan Hang

Spring is finally here after what seemed like an excruciatingly long winter and you know what that means – Spring cleaning time!

If your wardrobe seems to be bursting at the seams, drawers filled to the brim and shoes strewn all about, then I hate to break it you, but it is time for a good cleaning. I am a strong believer in a cluttered space leading to a cluttered mind, so for our own mental health, let’s tackle our closets together.

Out with the Old

How to Spring Clean Your Closet | Zanita.comIf anything should motivate you to get the deed done, think about all the space you can create for those new spring and summer pieces you have been eyeing! It just wouldn’t be right to throw them into an overflowing clothing abyss. With that in mind, let’s get started by putting on your playlist and diving right into it. Here’s how to spring clean your closet the right way.

#1 Empty Everything

To begin the closet purge, I suggest dumping everything out onto the floor. This method is honestly a little frightening at first. However, you may come to the realization of all the clothing you’ve hoarded when it is piled into a mountain that rivals that of Everest. I find this the easiest way to do a complete closet clean out since it allows you to start fresh.

#2 Organize into Categories

Next, go through and analyze each item in the pile individually. By touching every single piece of clothing, you can honestly decide in that moment if you really want it – and will actually wear it again. When determining whether or not you should keep an item, ask yourself when was the last time you wore it. Has it been more than a year where it lied there untouched? If so, it is probably best to let it go. Designate piles with categories such as “Keep”, “Donate” and “Sell”. Continue these steps until you tackled everything!

#3 Reassemble Your Wardrobe

Now that you’ve purified your clothing, it is time to put it back. Do not let your hard work go to waste by jamming everything back in without rhyme or reason! Consider hanging your items according to sleeve length, color, frequency of use, and season – whatever method works best for your lifestyle. This will save you time in the long run. Make sure you maintain this level of organization to prevent mountain-high piles of clothes when next spring rolls around.

#4 Donate or Sell

For items that are still trendy or in good condition, you can consider selling them if you want to make some extra cash. I highly recommend Poshmark for gently used items and The Real Real for any luxury or designer pieces you want to let go of. Everything else that is no longer in style or more loved than some other items, you can drop it off at your local thrift store so it can be repurposed and passed on to someone else!

What tips do you have for spring cleaning your closet?


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