How Fashion Affects Your Self-Confidence

Written by: Susan Hang

To be quite honest, the fashion industry in its entirety get a bad rep.

For those who do not necessarily see the point or benefits, they think it is an industry filled with self-absorbed, conceited people who heavily splurge on multitudes of clothing. That is certainly one perspective, but if these people looked on a deeper level, fashion is much more than that. It’s a lifestyle – a conduit to confidence. It has the ability to empower and transform you. I firmly believe that clothing has the power to influence a person’s confidence, thus making you a stronger individual. Here’s exactly how fashion affects your self-confidence:

How Fashion Affects Your Self-Confidence |

It’s a Phenomenon

In fact, there is a scientific term to describe this occurrence and it is called, “enclothed cognition”. Essentially, it is defined as the influence clothing has on an individual’s cognitive process. So what does this mean for us? To put it simply, the clothing we decide to wear can have an impact on the way we think and the way we feel. Here are a few examples…

Think back to your last job interview. Most likely you were wearing business professional clothing. You might not have realized it at the time but adorning this suit potentially made you feel more confident and ready to take on the task at hand – landing the job. If you happened to show up at the interview in the clothes you rolled out of bed with, I am sure you would not feel as good about the position as you otherwise would have. Some people even get dressed up for phone interviews because of the mental impact!

Also, consider fashion week or a fashion event where you know people will be dressed up. Given the environment, you would show up in pristine condition without question because it’ll put you in a more confident position to network and collaborate with other bloggers and brands.

Fashion Affects Us Everyday

Clearly, the theoretical job interview situation is a no-brainer. However, enclothed cognition does affect us on a day-to-day basis, which is why fashion has such an importance in everyone’s life. If you wear clothes, you are participating in fashion. Think of the feeling you might have had when purchasing a new top or pair of shoes and how excited you were to incorporate it into an outfit.

This is the magic of fashion.

Every single morning, we are all faced with the decision of what to wear, so why not maximize this opportunity? It is beneficial to dress up in an outfit that makes us feel good, whether that be wearing high heels to go to the market for milk, sporting a power suit to work or even just putting on your lucky t-shirt with those jeans that make your butt look cute.

Look Good, Feel Good

Fashion is more than just a designer handbag. It is a movement that empowers the everyday person. Maria Grazia Chiuri, creative director of Christian Dior, took her strong feminist beliefs and weaved it into her Spring 2018 ready-to-wear collection to create looks that she specifically devised to empower women and embolden her confidence. She has certainly integrated the idea of enclothed cognition into her designs.

Next time you need to choose a new outfit, remember to decide with confidence. Do not worry what anyone else might think of you. Dress selfishly. Dress knowing what you wear has a direct impact on how you carry yourself and your self-confidence. Don’t let the small opinions of other around you dictate how you should look and what’s deemed “appropriate”. I promise that just this small psychological change can have a large impact on your life. Just watch how fashion affects your self-confidence.


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