5 Steps to Turn Your Passion for Blogging into a Business

Written by: Susan Hang

Every time I think about the influencer industry, I feel so moved emotionally and mentally…

How can something that so small and passion-driven turn into a fully scaled business? It seemed like yesterday that I was devising a plan to break into the business of blogging, but after SEVEN long years here I am… I still have fellow bloggers approach me time to time and ask how I do it… How do you pitch yourself? How are you able to get clients?

I’ve spent some time evaluating myself these last few days – wondering if I’m doing anything particularly different from my peers. I’ve concluded that we can all learn something from one another, so I’m going to show you how to turn your passion for blogging into a business the way I did.

Step 1: Get smart.

So you had that thought (you wanna turn your passion for blogging into a business). Your next step should be taking action to get there. For me, it was practicing my writing skills, learning photography, learning photo-editing, and then blogging for myself. No one paid me any attention for a long ass time. Finally, one day, when I felt that I was capable and ready, I made my move. Remember that it’s not about instant gratification. It’s about patience and the work you’re willing to do when no one’s watching.

Step 2: Gain experience.

Gaining experience can mean various things – it could be working for yourself to achieve the results you want, and then using it to validate your credibility to brands or other bloggers. It could be interning under a mega-blogger to learn the ins and outs of the industry. However, I want to caution you that mega-bloggers are apprehensive about working with “aspiring bloggers” since your intentions can seem doubtful. In an industry that’s heavily dependent on connections and numbers, it makes perfect sense that a blogger would be hesitant to share their information with someone who could simply be after those things. When I worked exclusively with Zanita, it was never about what she can do for me or how she can help me grow. It was all about what I can do to elevate her and help her grow. That mentality has taken me far in my work today.

Step 3: Achieve measurable results.

Whatever you do, make sure you’re monitoring it because words mean nothing without measurable results. You can’t tell a brand you can deliver content across an engaged audience if you have 10k followers on Instagram with only 300 likes (nothing wrong with those numbers by the way). But think about how much more amazing it would look if you had 10k followers with 1200 likes consistently. There’s a big difference. If you can show proven growth or engagement over X period of time, sell it! Numbers get people talking.

Step 4: Strategize.

One of the things I’m struggling with right now is vision. I’m so focused on tasks that I never have time to strategize the direction I want to head in. Strategizing serves the same purpose as goals. You can’t scale without looking ahead. Make an effort every now and then to think about where you’re headed and where you want to be. Readjust every few steps of the way to make sure the two align.

Step 5: Don’t give up.

It’s only been five months but even I have normal conversations with myself if it’s time to just throw up the white flag and head back to the safe haven of corporate. Running a business is tough and there so many moving aspects involved that NEVER seem to stop moving. I know it seems like a glamorous life but on a regular basis, I feel like I have no life. That being said, the most important part of these steps is to never give up.

What else would you guys like to hear about regarding this business?


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