3 Important Things to Remember About Happiness

Written by: Susan Hang

What does it mean to be happy?

In light of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to bring up the topic of happiness as it’s a day to celebrate the love between two people, but what about when you’re single? It doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate or be happy on Valentine’s Day.

We all see happiness in a different light. Maybe to you, happiness is the comfort of another body. Maybe it’s money and status – or it could be family and friends. If you’re struggling to feel comfort as we inch closer to this revered holiday, here are 3 things to remember about happiness.

#1 Being happy doesn’t require a significant other.

Just now opening up about this, but I went through separation recently, and I’ll be the first to assure you that you do not need another person to feel happy. You are whole as a single individual – and in order to experience deep, profound happiness, you need to be content as you are. It always fails to rely on someone who may or may not be able to meet your standards or expectations.

3 Important Things to Remember About Happiness | Zanita.comI always feel like this takes a bit of self-therapy especially if you’ve recently gone through separation. You’ve spent so much of your time with another person that they essentially become a part of your identity. When they’re gone, you no longer know how to spend  your time alone. I would encourage you to pick up a new hobby or do all the things you have been putting off. You’ll be in for a surprise.

#2 Physical things don’t bring happiness.

Indulgent gifts like roses, chocolates, and wine are great – but usually only in the moment. I consider alone time golden – this is time I can use for a nice, warm bubble bath or to get deep into a book. That being said, if you’re in need of a serious delicacy, you can always treat yourself to something pleasurable. Remember that gifts don’t always require giving from other people. You can give back to yourself.

#3 Happiness doesn’t dwell in the past.

We usually have a bag habit of dwelling in the past. We remember how amazing certain moments of a relationship felt and we long for those aspects. However, we’re usually more attached to the “idea” of was happening rather than the reality of it.

If you never learn to let go of the past, you can never truly be happy with the future. Be done with it and get rid of the baggage. Many times, you’ll go back to the relationship only to find out that you never really wanted it. It’s a natural cycle for us as creatures of habit.
If you’re struggling with happiness this Valentine’s Day, I hope these three points brought some level of comfort! We’re in this together 🙂


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