How to Make it As A Blogger in 2018

Written by: Susan Hang

So it’s 2018, and you still wanna be a blogger?

It’s hard to believe that after all these years, bloggers are still relevant, which goes to prove that all this talk about the blogging bubble bursting is never actually going to happen. And it is still very worthwhile to start a blog.

The landscape has changed tremendously these last few years with social media being a huge game changer. The Internet is also far flooded with blogs, fashion boutiques, AND blogging advice when compared to three years ago! You can’t approach blogging the way we did back in the day. But remember that new bloggers still sprout up daily, and several are capable of making a name for themselves. That means you can too.

If you’re still interested in the blogging scene, read on to find out how to make it as a blogger in 2018.

How to Make It As a Blogger in 2018 |

Identify what’s broken.

If you want to start a blog, chances are you’ve been reading blogs. Identify what’s missing from the blogosphere that you’d love to see. Then use that to focus on content you want to create. Don’t waste time wondering why things are broken and don’t dramatize it. Instead, seize the opportunity to fill a possibility. For instance, blogging has become very commercialized in a sense, and as a result, everyone’s creating “high-end imagery” with a DSLR. If you’re sick of the carefully curated content, maybe it’s time to move back to iPhone images, barely edited. Content also seems to be either photo-driven or video. Nothing in between. Maybe it’s a good time to illustrate your life in GIFs. The prospects are endless. You just have to take something that’s been done and do it better or do it different.

Get good at storytelling.

Storytelling was such a buzzword at one point, and it should be because that’s how you get someone to BUY into you. It’s through telling stories that people connect and rationalize with you. Stories drive clarity and they get people motivated. If you can motivate someone, you best believe they sure as hell will pay attention to you. Unfortunately, this skill requires discipline and practice, so get practicing.

Be committed to solving problems.

Blogging is all about starting with an idea and finding ways to implement it. As your thoughts become more tangible, you’ll hit roadblocks. But don’t look at those bumps as a sign to quit. Instead, think more carefully about how to overcome them – and then seek solutions to induce them repeatedly. Having this desire to solve problems will drive you to your destination as long as you don’t quit. The biggest hurdles in blogging are typically time and a lack of resources. For instance, you need high quality photos, but you don’t have the money to hire a photographer or to buy a camera. Or if you have a camera, you don’t have time to learn how to use it. Your first step is to decide how you’re going to solve this problem…

Be realistic and give yourself a full year.

Don’t start a blog in 2018 unless you know that you can commit to it for at least a full year. Too many “potential bloggers” become disengaged within the first few months and end up quitting altogether. If you can’t handle disappointment and failure, then you probably shouldn’t start a blog because you’re going to feel all of it. I know how incredibly hard it is sticking to something that renders no instant results or gratification. But trust me when I say you need at least a full year to gauge how far you’ll go as a blogger.

Have a boundless vision.

Your initial idea will get you started, but be willing to listen to others in order to hone your idea into a long-lasting opportunity. Learn how to pay attention to indirect comments and connect them back to your blog early on. The faster you can change and adapt, the better off you’ll be as a blogger. Also, don’t just create a blog. Cultivate a strong, personal social network. You will engage and attract the right audience faster if you have a community-powered brand (think IntoTheGloss with Glossier).


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