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5 Great New Years Resolutions to Make in 2018

Written by: Zanita Studio

Happy New Year everyone!

2017 took us for a deranged turn of events, and we’re both torn and excited that it’s finally come to a close. For the parts that broke you, remember to put away the past, let go of the failures, and quit the procrastination. And think of 2018 as an opportunity to transform into the best version of you. If you spent last night soaking up the final hours of 2017, you can spend New Year’s day actually thinking about what you want to achieve this year. We’re helping you get started by sharing 5 great New Year’s resolutions to make in 2018.

How ever you view the new year, we hope it brings you plenty of peace, happiness, and success. Now onto the fun part (and our personal favorite): resolutions!

1. Do more of what you love

Too often, we only focus on the things we’re supposed to do like work and errands, which end up becoming a repeat cycle of life. This year, we challenge you to do more of what you love whether that’s going out for quick morning runs, making MORE art, or reading more books. These things often times require scheduling and setting aside time to make happen. If that’s what you need to do, then utilize your calendar, reminders, and notes – whatever it takes – to make them a reality.

Great New Years Resolutions to Make in 2018 |

2. Stand up for what you believe

There’s a lot of crap happening in the world right now – many of which several of us have polarizing opinions on. Instead of just talking the talk, why not walk the walk? If you truly believe in something, then do something about it instead of rant about it. We’re so passionate about inspiring you, adding value to your life, and empowering you to take charge. We fell off track a bit last year, but we strive to move back in the right direction by creating the type of content you like to read! Do share what you’d love to see below.

3. Stop comparing yourself

Social media took us to new heights last year, and that was probably good and bad. We can either use social media to inspire and propel us, or destroy us. If you found yourself constantly envious of social influencers’ highlight reel, strive to make 2018 a year of action and creation. Stop comparing your success to those around you. Think about your own accomplishments, the things you have, and what you love about your life. Acknowledge your possessions and success, and then learn to be content with where you’re at.

4. Try more positive self-talk

We know this sounds silly (and probably a little crazy), BUT it works. Since you’re probably already in constant conversation with yourself, you might as well attempt to turn that dialogue into positive self-talk. It takes a little practice but start with positive affirmations. For example:

  • I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to.
  • I forgive myself for the mistakes I have made because I know I’m human, and it’s ok.
  • I know that I always have a choice, and I choose positive thoughts and feelings.

5. Learn a new skill

Above all, attempt to learn a new skill and illustrate some form of mastery by the end of this year. The easiest way to do this is to break the skill into parts. For instance, if your goal is to learn photo editing, start with tweaking presets you might already own, then delve into skin retouching, and finally, custom creating filters. Don’t get too worried about getting everything right. Mastering the subcomponents will help you achieve the overall skill faster.

What are your 2018 resolutions?

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