How Forgiving Yourself Leads to Massive Success

Written by: Susan Hang

Are you able to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re worth something?

This is a struggle that I’ve dealt with before (and still do from time to time), and it’s a thought that has the potential to either build the foundation of something great or tear down all that was set before you. Reasons we degrade ourselves are usually manifestations of a lack of forgiveness on our behalves for past mistakes. It’s almost never hard to recall my past mistakes – and when I think about them, my first reaction is to shoot a raging insult at myself. Of course, the insult gets the job done and I’m left in a negative mindset for who knows how long, but I’ve found a way to lift myself back up. How? Self-forgiveness and setting out the blocks of learning to love myself.

How Forgiving Yourself Leads to Massive Success | Zanita.comIf you haven’t learned, growing confidence and finding success all starts with forgiving yourself. This is a topic I hold very close to home and high in regard, so I’m going to show you how I do it – and how forgiving yourself leads to success.

– Letting go & moving forward.

The first step in forgiving yourself for a past mistake is place yourself in a calm environment – one without distractions. You need to be in a calm, introspective mood in order to reflect on what happened and let it go. From there, you pinpoint the source of what caused the succession of dominoes to fall. The intent isn’t to leave the blame on yourself nor place it on someone else’s shoulders. It’s to realize that everything happens for a reason. That no one is perfect. Then, you take the key lessons from your mistakes and you move forward. The best part about mistakes is that you grow a little wiser and acquire more experience and tools for success in your arsenal. As I’ve said many times before, fail fast (not to linger, but to learn fast). Keep in mind that this is not always an overnight process so you shouldn’t feel pressured to be ok in a day’s time.

– Focus on the positive & visualization.

Cleanse yourself and your mind of your previous pessimistic thoughts and focus on yourself both mentally and physically. As you go about these tasks, constantly try to see the positive aspects of yourself, your wonderful qualities, and what makes you a good person. My favorite way of doing this is visualizing myself in all the situations that I want to manifest in my life and knowing that I deserve it. If that’s financial freedom, then maybe it’s seeing yourself in a regal closet full of all the designer shoes and handbags you’ve ever dreamt of – or driving that hundred thousand dollar lambo. If it’s becoming a respected blogger, then perhaps you see yourself at fashion week, surrounded by street style photographers. Believe that you deserve all these things because you’re a hard worker, you have a great personality, and you’re likable. Visualization works because it’s empowering and makes you feel good – and when you feel good, anything is possible.

– Attract strong relationships with a positive attitude.

Self-forgiveness is also integral to building strong relationships. As success doesn’t happen without a team behind you (or with you), you need to have a confident, positive attitude in order to attract those who can help pave your way for success. People are naturally drawn to those who are positive in energy and outlook. So, always make yourself one of those individuals. You’ll be surprised by the kind of connections you find with a change in attitude.


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