Why You Should Work a Traditional Job Before Blogging

Written by: Susan Hang

The one thing I hear you guys saying most is that you’d love to blog full-time…

Though I can confirm that leaving a traditional cubicle job has been one of the most liberating things I have ever done in my life, I will say the lessons I took from corporate life were INVALUABLE! Sure, it’s really amazing to be this creative person and work solely on creative projects, but I could never take for granted the structure and professionalism it taught me. Many of the skills I carry and value myself for today are exactly what I took from that confining, boring traditional work life. Wondering exactly what I’m talking about? Here are all the reasons you should work a traditional job before blogging…

Why You Should Work a Traditional Job Before Blogging |

It teaches you STRUCTURE.

There’s no secret about me working with various bloggers – and I’ll never name names, but I will say, the MOST successful bloggers are those who put a structure to their business. The ones who do that best are the ones who come from traditional corporate jobs. There are many many bloggers out there who have “made” it for their looks or creative skills, but they aren’t always the most professional to work with. Blogging is fun and games at times, but ultimately, it’s still a business and you should give it a structure in order to gain sustainable, long-term success.

What I hated most about corporate was “structure”, but I do have to admit that I miss it at times 🙂 The bloggers who value me most are the exact ones who have this “structure”.

It teaches you to value timely COMMUNICATION.

When I worked in corporate, I was at my desk all day which meant that if an email came through, I responded as soon as I could. If my supervisor or her boss sent an email, you can bet my response was instant. Business is business… However, it’s hard to “value” timely communication when it’s all done digitally, you don’t know the face of the person you’re communicating with, and there’s other things you’d rather invest your time in. Some days, I feel like I’m constantly chasing other people and it’s not fun. You would think if someone had the opportunity to do something as exclusive and special as fashion blogging, communication is everything, but nope…

It teaches you PLANNING.

One of the things my Planner back in Merchandising drilled into my head that has stuck till this day was setting goals and targets. You never know if you’re going to achieve that goal, but it gives you something to work towards. If there is no target, you’ll just be horsing around with little success at the end of the year. Again, the most successful bloggers are those with a long-term vision and then take corrective action to get there. Blogging can seem short-sighted but only if you act in tandem. Start your planning and long-term vision now, so you know what you’re working to get.

Anyway, the point is that although your traditional job might not be what you want to do now, don’t underestimate the value you gain from it!


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