Top Skills Big Bloggers Are Looking for Right Now

Written by: Susan Hang

Before I started blogging full-time, it was difficult to fathom what skills bloggers needed to run a successful business…

Photography, photo editing, and writing skills were all high in demand years ago but as a slew of self-proclaimed photog enthusiasts and bloggers flooded the scene, the need for these specialized skills declined. Every major blogger has their go-to photog, writer, and editor. That can often leave you feeling like there’s no place for you. But wrong. Having done this for over two years now, I’m quick to notice when certain skills rise in demand. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to learn and refine these skills as I once did before, so consider yourself lucky if you can! I’ll be sharing the top skills big bloggers are looking for right now:

Top Skills Big Bloggers Are Looking for Right Now - Zanita Street Style | Zanita.comVideo Editing

The space for visual stimulation through a consistent stream of unique imagery has already been fulfilled through Instagram and blogs today. What the market craves is video. They want real-time content and a behind the scenes reel, which is why vlogging and live sessions are so popular today. Bloggers understand the demand for this type of content and are now actively seeking out videographers and video editors. I can’t tell you how many bloggers have asked for this service. And not only are they asking for it but brands too! So, if you specialize in this area, you’re in major luck. Start reaching out. If not, maybe it’s time to scratch photography and pick up videography.


How I wish I studied coding in college… As bloggers rise up the ranks of the industry, so does their content. And eventually, that translates into their personal space: the blog. Bloggers eventually hit a point where they need their blog to not look like a template but a fully customized website. Knowing the ins and outs of WordPress or Squarespace from a coding perspective will put you in business! Again, great skill to learn if you’re looking for a way into the industry.

Graphic Design

I admit that at some point, I thought graphic design was an overrated skill but boy was I wrong! If you know Illustrator, InDesign, and/or Photoshop, you’re in luck! As bloggers scale their business and strive to move everything in-house, finding someone who has a strong understanding of graphics, typography, and space is essential for success. You’ll be able to formulate pitches, media kits, and put together shoppable collages that all contribute to the victory of being a blogger.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is time consuming to understand especially when you start to throw all the different platforms into the mix. Having a deep, strong foundation of how Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter works will tug you into the strategy aspect of running a blog with a blogger. Although bloggers are very protective of their Instagram, they tend to need a lot of help running their other platforms. Your expertise in this area will be a huge valuable asset.

How do you feel about these skills? Ready to start pitching for yourself?


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