Top Hair Trends for the New Year

Written by: Susan Hang

A brand new year comes with a heap of brand new things…

And for me, one of those new things happen to be hair! If 2017 took you through a roller coaster, you’re probably ready for 2018. Nothing makes me feel better than stepping into a new year with a ready-to-conquer attitude and a fierce new look to accompany. When I feel good, my self-confidence impels to the forefront. I’m in no place to change my brows or switch up my style (that’s a little too expensive), but hair is easy to play with (and it’s affordable). Getting a fresh cut or color and will instantly help you turn over a new leaf. Let’s talk top hair trends for the new year.

Sanctuary Salon in Williamsburg NY |

First off, huge thanks to Sanctuary Salon for helping me achieve this color. If you’re ever in the NYC area, I recommend you check out this charming space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s super easy to access from the subway, and totally worth it because they handle hair with precision and care, plus extra bonus points for using cruelty-free and eco-friendly products.

Eco-Luxe Salon - Sanctuary Salon in NYC |

Now onto top hair trends for the new year…

Hair Color…

My biggest question was, “there’s been so much buzz around balayage these last few years, is it dead?” If many of you are wondering the same thing, Paige from Sanctuary assured that balayage is not going anywhere! What’s changing though is hair color! Expect to see a lot of gray and soft platinum hues. Although I wasn’t brave enough to edge towards this side of the color spectrum, I did try something drastically different. You can follow my transformation below. Paige applied Olaplex to prevent damage from coloring and then advised me to use purple shampoo to maintain the color and tone down gold, brassy tones.

Hair Cuts…

The last two years have been all about the lob… From shaggy ends to clean edges, I don’t think there was a cut more popular on Instagram. For 2018, short hair is here to stay! However, you can expect to see more fringe. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the hair game, try messy, choppy bangs with texturized hair. I opted out of a haircut as I’m trying to grow it out, but don’t be surprised to see some fringe in the next few months. To achieve the bed head texture that I’m crazy about, Paige applied Sachajuan Dry Powder Shampoo after blowing out sections of my hair with a round brush. I loved how piecey it made my hair look.

Hair Styling…

2018 is all about full, shaggy texture. Pull it off with a deep side or center part while embracing your hair’s natural state. Whether that’s slick straight or curly, amp up the volume and play up the part. Looking for a fun style? Braids are going to be huge! Now’s a good time to flick on some YouTube tutorials and master a few tricks.

Hair Accessories…

Surprise, surprise…scrunchies are making a comeback! You can take on the trend by securing your hair into a loose, low ponytail using a plain-colored scrunchie. Be sure to pull some hair out into the front for an effortless, undone finish and create texture by backcombing random sections. Not on the scrunchie train yet? Pull your hair back with a velvet ribbon for a cute, classy look.

Balayage with Eco-Friendly Products at Sanctuary Salon |
Asian Brown Balayage Hair | Zanita.comAsian Balayage Hair |

Asian Hair before Balayage | Zanita.comtop hair trends - Asian Brown Balayage Hair |

Photos by Nhieu Tang

What do you think about my new look? Love it, hate it? Share below. Don’t forget to check out Sanctuary Salon for your next hair needs!

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