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Important Things We Forget About New Year’s Resolutions

Written by: Zanita Studio

With Christmas at an end, we have New Year’s coming up…

And while some people find it cliché to create New Year’s resolutions, others find it to be a real long-term goal. But let’s be honest, everybody has one whether it’s cutting back on spending, starting that business venture, or losing a few pounds. For those of us who create resolutions, we know it doesn’t often go according to plan (especially if it’s a habit that you want to change) because you either lose interest or give up along the way when the obstacles get too hard. Regardless, it’s ultimately your choice as to whether you want to change for the better or continue living life in safe, comfortable way. Before taking the safe route, we wanted to share a few important things we forget about New Year’s resolutions. Taking these points into consideration will help you achieve your goals for 2018.

Important Things We Forget About New Year’s ResolutionsIt literally requires discipline and prioritizing…

…henceforth, the phrase ‘long-term goals.’ Everyone’s dilemma in nailing those resolutions is “to do” or “not to do”. Here’s a scenario. You want to stop spending so much money, but you’re tempted with a covet-worthy object right in front of your face. We’ve all struggled with those extra 25% off sales, so do we buy or not buy? That’s the thing. You have to be able to differentiate between priorities and desires because once you cave in, you’re more likely to cave in again. And again. And again. The magic in achieving those resolutions happens when you develop the discipline to follow through. Reject once and watch how resistance unfolds into results..

The next thing that we definitely forget is that New Year’s Resolutions require commitment…

All of this might sound repetitive and annoying, but in all seriousness, repetition is what generates tangible outcomes. Long-term commitment is the biggest battle when it comes to resolutions. Being dedicated requires commitment in the smallest tasks – it’s the little things that add up to bigger ones. So, get a planner, utilize a calendar, set up reminders on your phone – and commit! Looking to shed a few pounds? Maybe it’s going for a power walk everyday during lunch for 15 minutes and then turning those 15 minutes into 30 and so forth. When you commit to small changes, it’s easier to convert them into something bigger. Don’t expect miraculous results without the little actions.

Finally, we’re all human…

It’s in our nature to forget… We make promises and we flounder. But, that’s no signal to give up. You get up, try again, and repeat. Don’t let one or a few mistakes push your resolutions to the back burner. Build the mental stamina to keep pushing for the things that you want.

Our main point today is that we’re all often guilty of setting New Year’s resolutions while overlooking the more important aspects of achieving goals: Discipline, Commitment, and Tenacity. Make those three traits priority and watch your 2018 resolutions turn into reality.


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