4 Easy Tips to Create Great Content Every Time

Written by: Susan Hang

With Instagram holding such high-value these days, it can be hard to decipher whether someone is actually reading anything…

And even if they’re not, I still think you need to write! Maybe I’m old school, but writing is something I believe will never go away especially as content and influencer marketing grows!

Writing is crucial to creating great content because it’s what conveys your message as you intend. People might interpret your photographs in a way that you didn’t mean for them to. So, add a few sentences that communicate your thoughts and everything suddenly changes.

Not the best writer? No problem. Here are my top tips to create great content every time.

Tips to Create Great Content Every Time |

Write what you know.

The best thing to write about when you’re absolutely clueless is to write what you know… When you write about your personal experiences, you can truly express how you feel and articulate what you gained or loss from that experience. You never know what someone might take from your lessons and how it might change their lives. That’s the beauty in blogging… I often feel like I don’t lead a super exciting life and I spend a lot of my days at home, but the messages I receive on a weekly basis from readers around the world has been so unexpected and profound. It’s always a good feeling knowing I helped someone else do better or try harder. Writing what you know allows you to show a side that no one else would have seen or felt – and that’s what makes it so special.

Write timely content.

Writing about what you know makes a bigger impact when it’s relevant. Therefore, you should think about life events in your life that pertain to the time and season we’re in. For instance, Thanksgiving is coming up… While many people might be sharing recipes or outfits to wear when you meet the “family”, you can write about all the non-material things to be grateful for. Black Friday will be high on everyone’s list, so talk about why you don’t do participate in the frenzy. Think about what’s happening – current affairs – and add you voice to the choir in a way that hasn’t been talked about yet.

Repurpose old content.

When you’re creating content week after week, it can be exhausting to keep the momentum going. What are you supposed to write about when you run out of ideas? Look to old content that can be repurposed. Take a quick spin through your archives… Re-read posts from 3-4 years ago – or other bloggers’ posts from that time – and see how you can turn it into meaningful content today. Everything has already been done – we all know that, but you can always make old things new.

Assume nothing.

Often times, we assume too much… We think we know what people want, we know what we can offer, and we know everything – or almost everything. One of the things I’ve learned to do when creating content is assume nothing. When you assume nothing, you’re able to provide more value-added information that you may have missed otherwise. Don’t even assume that the reader has read countless other blogs before stumbling upon your own. You never know what light you might shed when you write as though the other person knows nothing… I’m not referring to being condescending either! It’s about enlightening in ways you didn’t think were possible.

Have any tips to create great content every time? Please share them below!


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