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How To: Meaningful Gifts for The Holiday Season

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Buying gifts isn’t easy. In fact, it can be a little on the awkward side, that moment when you hand over a present to a loved one and eye their expression as they unwrap it, hoping you’ve made the right choice. Even more so receiving! Attempting to express just the right amount of genuine surprise and gratitude while being watched with bated breath – if I’m honest, it really makes me a little nervous. The pressure!  Of course – when you’ve made the right decision, the pay off is heart warming – and you’re only going to get that if you put genuine thought into the gift you select.

It really doesn’t have to be about amount you spend – in fact – it’s the opposite. There’s nothing like receiving a handmade or personalised gift from someone who truly knows you.  I’ve partnered with kikki.K to create this cute and festive video, sharing some of the ways I’m working to put a little something extra into presents this Christmas.  Hope you like!

Of course – it doesn’t need to be just about Christmas! If you don’t partake in the holiday, you can still take away from these little tips for giving at any time of the year. While clichéd, it’s absolutely the thought that counts.

Now I just need to keep my fingers crossed that my loved ones mentioned don’t catch this video before I have the chance to head all the way home to Australia to hand my presents over!

In Partnership with kikki.K

Check out this link right here to find my personal favourites from the collection!