How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway Like a Pro

Written by: Susan Hang

There are days when we just need to get away…

One of the funniest things I’ve learned since going freelance (and I mentioned this before) is that you really work your ass off. From acquiring clients to managing finances, I still haven’t learned to shut off completely. It’s hard to when your income is dependent on YOU – your productivity, your efforts, and your results. However, I started to notice that I was burning out… I was mean all the time, more impatient than ever, emotional and just swearing left and right. And that was a good indication that it was time to shut off and get away for the weekend. With travel ramping up these last two years, I have to say, the one thing I’ve truly mastered is packing light… I’ll be showing you how to pack for a weekend getaway like a pro.

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Wear comfy shoes, i.e. sneakers.

When I first started traveling, I always made the big mistake of bringing a few different pairs of shoes because you just never know where you might go. I’ve learned that 98% of the time, nothing is pressing enough to warrant a change of shoes. I now only stick to one pair of sneakers especially for short weekend getaways because they’re easy to walk in and sensible. My favorite has been this fun hummingbird pair from Axel Arigato. The quality leather, minimalist feel, and unexpected embroidery make it a fun addition to any outfit no matter where you’re going. Snag yourself a pair for a luxe sneaker update!

Pack lightweight pieces.

Also, the lighter your clothing, the better off you’ll be. A duster, turtleneck, and trousers fit the formula – plus it’s so chic. I prefer something other than denim for the car ride and I don’t do “athleisure”, so trousers are perfect! Side note: I did bring jeans, but I didn’t wear them for the drive. I considered packing a few more coat options and more sweaters, but reminded myself to digress. After all, I was only leaving for two days hence weekend getaway. The lighter you pack, the better off you’ll be.

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Pack minimally when it comes to beauty.

Beauty is the one department I still struggle desperately with. I’m not TSA-abiding at all. But for such a short excursion, there’s no need to pack the vanity. I decided that all I needed this time was some sunscreen, a bit of color (i.e. blush and bronzer), eyebrows, my skincare essentials, and nice spritz. You can even skip the perfume, but I’ve been super obsessed with Glossier’s You. I just couldn’t leave it. It’s not overly feminine or sweet – and super fitting for my style. I threw all my goodies in two Glossier pouches (you get one with every order and they’ve been the best things to pack for a weekend getaway in terms of beauty and toiletries).

Do your research.

Maybe you should have done this first, but figure out where you’re going and what the weather is like. North Carolina is pretty chilly now – nothing like New York but enough to require layers. I brought a light jacket but I made sure to wear a thicker knit top (like a turtleneck) and also brought the right accessories like a chunky scarf. This was enough to keep me warm for a full-day’s worth of wander.

How do you pack for a weekend getaway?


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