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5 More Favorite Brunch Spots in New York

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro

Exactly a year ago, I wrote here on Zanita Studio my favorite brunch spots in New York City. Funny coincidence that I’m writing about this subject again today. Life in NYC goes by so fast that sometimes it’s hard to keep up. But one thing that I can always count on is for new places to pop up all over the city.

I’m always keen on trying out new places – many of which have landed at the top of my favorites list. And while a few from this list remain up there, some have swept me completely off my feet.

Here’s an updated list of 5 more favorite brunch spots in New York – no particular order:

favorite brunch spots in new york |

#1 De Maria

From the renowned Chef Camille Becerra, De Maria is the most beautiful restaurant in Nolita, serving your typical brunch dishes with an elevated style. Even the avocado toast is a work of art. Make sure to drop by after rush hour because the wait might be up to an hour. But it’s worth it!

#2 Sunday in Brooklyn

This petit spot in Williamsburg opened up a few months ago. But it holds up to your expectations because the food is as amazing as the decor. I went bananas over their iced matcha and stash of pancakes. I dream about those pancakes all. the. time. List it as a must-go if you live in New York City or are planing to visit. Thank me later!

#3 Dudley’s

This cute and homey spot shows how the Aussie’s are king with food. I went there this summer after a bike ride through New York City for a late brunch. It was the perfect pit stop. Order the green salad farro! They also make this killer brussel sprout salad with quinoa! It explains why Zanita always says Aussies take their brunch seriously! They don’t play around here.

favorite brunch spots in new york |

#4 Maman

I’m a bit suspicious of stating that Maman is currently one of my favorite places to brunch because it’s so close to my apartment. We’ve been going there quite a lot. Besides the decor being amazingly tasteful, the food is to drool for. I always love the croque maman and the white chocolate chip and pretzel cookie. Do not miss out on it.

#5 Sauvage

Sauvage is another must-go in Brooklyn, but this time, Greenpoint. Right across a beautiful park, Sauvage is the ultimate #frenchgoals restaurant. I’ve been there for brunch and dinner a few times and was never disappointed. The avocado toast is simply exquisite. Anyone tired of avocado toast yet? Not me when there are so many distinct ways to serve it.

What are your favorite brunch spots in New York? Any new ones I should try?

X Eduarda

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