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Fall Essentials You Need NOW

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro

Hi everyone! It’s been quite a while since I last posted here. Summer has come and gone and my favorite season is already here. While most of us still haven’t experienced the thrill of fall, New York drastically changed temperatures and we can now enjoy the real-deal. I could not be more excited to pick up an actual coat and cozy up with my favorite almond-spiced-pumpkin drink. Sipping a bit right now.

But because the season isn’t only about the coats, I gathered a list of fall essentials you need now. We can call them basics or in-between’s – they’re basically all we need to keep us stylish and true to ourselves. Dwelling on Instagram makes me realize the importance of a simple and balanced ensemble. The simpler the better so we can properly accessorize and

fall essentials

I’m a sucker for a basic tee, jeans, and a good trench spruced up with stacked jewelry, a special bag and shoes. But during fall, there are a few rules I like to follow, respecting the needs of the weather. Let’s get into my fall essentials.

#1 Skirt It Up.

‘Tis the season to fully enjoy a mid-length skirt. If you live in New York, like me, you know that winter is brutal and pants are non-negotiable. So I always enjoy the in-between seasons to show a little bit of leg. This season, pull out your favorite skirts and pair them with those cozy sweaters you’ve been keeping stashed away.

Shop my favorite picks below:

#2 A Leather Jacket Is Your Best Friend.

Not even lying. A leather jacket is your best friend this season. Too much for summer, too little for winter but just enough so you won’t get cold in fall. I just got one early in the summer and have been enjoying it to the fullest.

Shop my favorite picks below:

#3 All You Can Plaid.

Plaid is seriously e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Skirts, blazers, shirts, and every cool girl is sporting it. Don’t be shy and, even if you like it so much you have to mix and match, do it. No shame in wearing something you love so much all the freaking time.

Shop my favorite picks below:

#4 Bootie To Match Your Bootay

No shame in admitting that I’ve already adopted the kitten-mid-heeled-bootie. Can’t get enough of this elegant, chic and classic style of a shoe. I remember the last time I wore pointed toed-shoes was back in 2008. And I had all sorts of pointed shoes. Now that it’s back, I just want to take advantage and rock them before the snow comes.

Shop my favorite picks below:

#5 The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

Finally, the perfect pair of jeans is waiting for you to wear them. I believe that, besides being timeless, jeans are an all-year-round kind of piece. I never cease wearing them – with the exception of hot dang summer days. But come fall, you can’t take me out of them. And there are so many amazing pairs to choose from. Just gotta find the one that fits.

Shop my favorite picks below:

What are you wearing this season? I’d love to know!


X Eduarda

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