The Biggest Myths About Starting a Blog DEBUNKED

Written by: Susan Hang

I always love reading what others have to say about blogging…

Sometimes I agree and sometimes I don’t, but that’s the beauty of the Internet and having so many voices chime in… Everyone can share their perspective on what it means to be something or how to do something. Put everything together and you get all the different ways people do ONE thing – which means your chances of success become higher! At the same time, everyone who consumes that content has the same exact shot as you do. That’s where you come in. You’re the difference. It’s really up to you to decide what’s real, what’s valuable, and executable. To help you decipher that, I wanted to share my personal opinion on the biggest myths about starting a blog…


I think having a clear idea about who your target market might be is NOT a bad idea at all. However, you have to be FLEXIBLE. Understanding what your audience might like, knowing their age group, and who they’re already following will help you hone in on a voice that speaks to that . This can get tricky when your target audience ends up not being your real audience… So, pay attention to the people who are interacting with your content – who’s commenting? What are they saying?

The Biggest Myths About Starting a Blog |

You have to have a PURPOSE.

I recently wrote about this on my personal blog, but wanted to share it here too in case you’re not following me there… Everyone talks about PURPOSE… knowing what makes you different and knowing what value you have to offer. *SURPRISE* You won’t always know and I explain more in the video below – but to recap, it’s OK if you don’t know your purpose from the start. However, you have to be doing something so that you can EVENTUALLY find that thing that makes you special. You’ll get reinforcement from your readers over time, but when you first start don’t stress out if you have no idea. 🙂

Create content you’re “PASSIONATE” about.

One of the other biggest myths about starting a blog is writing about something you’re passionate about! I think many of us have several passions in life… I’m passionate about beauty/skincare, fashion, personal development, entrepreneurship, photography, and creating content, BUT I can’t talk endlessly and tirelessly about ALL these things. However, there are a few key topics I can write about pervasively and never get sick of them… Things like blogging, photography, and growth – all of which have an overarching theme! So, don’t pick a passion. Pick something you can talk about for years and never run out of ideas! Remember, passion can burn out…

Give yourself a certain timeframe

Giving yourself a timeframe before you quit is totally unacceptable in my book. No one has the same blog story to tell. You NEVER know when success will come. It took me 5 years whereas it may have taken someone else 2 years… You just don’t know. So, if you start a blog with the intention of turning it into a full-blown business within one year, you will be disappointed. If you don’t have the stamina to create when no one is watching, how could you create when everyone is watching and you have a million other things to do?


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