Top 5 Blog Tips in 2 Years Under Zanita

Written by: Susan Hang

Not many can say they worked under the intelligence of a pioneer in the blogging industry…

So, I’ll thank my lucky stars and soak up all that I’ve learned these last two years and give back by sharing that knowledge with you all. I’ll start off by first saying that the business of blogging is incredibly complex and difficult – so in my two years with Zanita, I’ve really developed a whole new level of profound respect for anyone whose turned blogging into a full-time career.

More importantly, the industry has become even more saturated than it was two years ago, but there is still room for newcomers! The amount that brands are willing to pour into influencer marketing is huge because it’s proven to be an effective outlet. So, if you have a unique voice (and vision) and you’re able to communicate that instantly, you might just surprise yourself! But just exactly how are you going to do that? That’s for you to figure out… We’re just here to help you out along the way.

Here are my top 5 blog tips working under Zanita:

blog tips

#1 Keep a running list of ideas

You’re bound to run out at some point so go ahead and start a document of post ideas and load it up anytime inspiration hits. This document is key in helping you maintain consistency. Blogging never starts out as a business for anyone – and only those that can keep up with it long enough will find success. Along with that list, maintain a Pinterest mood board and keep it updated. This is essential in helping you develop and refine your aesthetic. It’s all about focus – all of this might sound like unnecessary pre-work, but you’ll see the benefits in the long run.

#2 Consume carefully and selectively

The amount of blog content, tips, and “education” out there is plentiful but consume lightly because not everything that’s available will add value to your lives. If you find something dragging you down (and draining your energy) rather than uplifting you, cut it loose. It’s hard to make and see progress if you’re not laser focus on what’s in front of you and your end goal.

#3 Apply what you learn

There’s an abundance of great information out there (think Azalle), but are you applying what you learn? Sure, you may have been at this blogging game for a while now and you might feel like the material you come across is redundant, but no one ever really knows it all. There is always something new to learn – or a new way to look at something old. Put that ego away, buckle down, and apply the strategies you learn. Then watch how your results unfold. (I’m guilty…)

#4 Always be forward looking

As soon as you see or feel something becoming a trend, move forward – or find a way to do the next best thing! Content, styles, and color travel quick in this industry and you never want to be that person lagging behind. To be a real tastemaker, you must learn to be forward thinking! Zanita has modeled this so well for me and is always nudging me in that direction…I didn’t realize what she was doing until not too long ago, but glad to be finally catching on!

#5 Unplug when you need to

Blogging is work that NEVER ends, but sometimes, you really just have to unplug even if there are still things to be done! We have all seen Zanita take breaks as needed unapologetically and I think this is critical for our personal mental and emotional health. Times get tough – it’s a natural part of life so when it’s time to just lay low and chill, do it. You don’t owe anyone answers.


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