4 Key Soft Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful

Written by: Susan Hang

Even with the pervasiveness of blogging as a career over the years, people still don’t give bloggers the credit they deserve…

Everyone who’s dabbled in blogging knows how profoundly difficult and time consuming it is, yet the skill sets a successful blogger needs is typically undermined. I’ll be following up with the hard skills every blogger needs to be successful, but for today’s post, I’m sharing 4 key soft skills I’ve seen all successful bloggers have in common.

#1 Self-Discipline

Drive, excitement, and motivation eventually phase out when results are slow and your efforts begin feeling meaningless… This is where self-discipline comes into play. You create content because this is a business – and it’s a business you want to be in… You create content when you could be napping or watching TV. Self-discipline is all about controlling your emotions and behaviors – veering from instant pleasure and gratification in order to achieve more meaningful things (like your blogging goals).

4 Key Soft Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful

#2 Commitment

You don’t always start out as an excellent writer, photographer, or content creator – no one starts out excelling in every part of blogging. However, with commitment to one or all of it, you will become good enough at it. There are so many skills to be learned in blogging – that even if you are an excellent writer and photographer, you might not be so great at other things like social media and networking. Commitment is sticking to something even when you’re not good at it – and not in the mood to do it. Commitment requires a high-level of self-discipline – it means not giving up when challenges arise and working around your schedule to make things happen.

#3 Resourceful

Successful bloggers don’t go around asking for free handouts and follow me’s… They become resourceful through their network and resources (like the Internet and books) – and they’re extremely open-minded in how to apply the knowledge that they gain. Being resourceful is a key skill because you have to readily be opportunistic, open-minded, and imaginative in order to fully maximize what you have to work with. It’s fuel for constant improvement!

#4 Strong Work Ethic

You can’t let attention and praise get to your head. You can’t allow a lack of results to frustrate you. You can’t be one to give up. You bust ass every chance you get because results require hard work and responsibility. You don’t talk about “it”, complain about “it”, or waver about “it” – you get to “it” and get “it” done. A strong work ethic means working towards and end goal and acting in accordance.

If you have all the above, you seriously have a chance at this blogging thing!


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