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A Moment To Celebrate

Written by: Zanita Whittington

I haven’t been home to my parents farm in nearly two years.

I can’t believe how the time has flown by – but when I really ponder the months gone past in the context of my family and my life growing up, my heart aches so deeply. Esperance isn’t the most convenient place – in fact – my journey back home takes a minimum of 30 hours of travel. It’s easy to forget how far away it is while I’m caught up with my life in New York, but it’s truly world’s away. I would never usually wait so long to return but I had a bit of a visa debacle which for a number of reasons, crippled my ability to return Down Under.

My return was a joyous one. My darling younger sister Chloe and her boyfriend Sam gave birth to my nephew, Maverick Albert Frank Haberley. It’s why I chose this setting to shoot and share with you my latest project with my longterm Jansz – the most delicious Australian Sparkling wine – and the perfect accompaniment to celebrating what has become one of the happiest moments of my life. I don’t think anything can prepare you for the arrival of a new family member, walking into the room at the hospital I was overwhelmed with emotion, meeting this precious little guy and being able to share that moment with my parents was pure love. I’m just so proud of my sister for bringing Maverick into the world and into our lives, becoming a mother is truly the most bad ass thing – I don’t think I really learnt how much until this moment. Already loving being an Aunty too!


I often feel like my life is going a million miles an hour – which makes going home to Esperance is the best therapy and antidote to the chaos.

You can’t hear a single car out on the farm (maybe the occasional mooing cow!) and the clear night sky is filled with a million stars. Travelling the world has really made me realise what a special and unique upbringing I had, one I am truly grateful for. Today I am realising my dreams, working in the fashion industry, many oceans beyond this place – but I know it’ll always be a piece of me and makes up a huge part of my personality. I love being able to go back, knowing some things will never change.

It’s heartbreaking to be aware that I don’t get to share as much of my life with my family as I once did, thankfully technology makes it easier – but nothing compares to sitting down with my loved ones and sharing a glasses of Jansz, not saying a thing, just feeling love and knowing we are together. Miss them all everyday.


Cheers to family, in whatever shape they come. That’s what life is really about!

…in partnership with Jansz Australia