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How to Optimize Your Blog for Fashion Week (Even If You’re Not Going)

Written by: Brittany Grace

It’s no surprise that the bloggers who do go to fashion week are going to post about it.

They’ll be creating content during fashion week on Instagram and Snapchat and creating content after fashion week on their blogs and YouTube. So with all that content, how will yours stand out if you’re not going to fashion week?

First of all, you want to include tons of SEO related to fashion week, which means plugging in “fashion week”, “nyfw”, and “New York fashion week” into your blog posts as often as you can without being spammy.

You also want to own your current situation and get creative with it. If you’re not attending fashion week, be honest with your readers and don’t pretend to be an insider if you’re not really. For example, you’ll never see me post about my favorite shows because, well, I didn’t go to any. And there’s nothing wrong with that so don’t ever feel ashamed for not getting invited or simply choosing not to go.

Read on for more of my favorite ways to optimize your blog for fashion week especially when you’re not going…

fashion week ss18Post about what would happen

Like I said above, you want to own your situation, whatever that may be. That doesn’t mean you should get angry and bash designers who didn’t invite you to their shows. Instead, it means being transparent about your stance on fashion week. Like, “Hey guys, I didn’t go to fashion week but if I did I would wear this…”

Your readers who didn’t attend fashion week may relate to you even more since they didn’t go either (and let’s be honest, that’s probably the majority of your readers). Topics like what you would wear or what you would do or what would have happened are great, unique spins on fashion week versus sharing your favorite shows or top picks. Everyone does that. Get creative!

If you’re a new blogger or a micro influencer, your readers might not care about a fashion week recap from someone who didn’t attend any shows. If they want to see what fashion week looks like they can follow a true insider like Danielle Bernstein for that or any other mega-blogger for that matter because they all have the behind the scenes content we crave!

Post about what did happen

You can also optimize your blog for fashion week by talking about what you did instead of going to shows. Arielle from SomethingNavy shared a small snippet of why she cut back this year on her Instastories and it actually made me feel less guilty about not being so involved in fashion week. That’s the good stuff right there! She talked about why she cut back and what she was going to do instead. That type of content helps form a deeper connection to your audience and it also goes against the grain and helps you stand out.

Now, if you actually are attending fashion week, try to give your audience a different perspective than they’re used to. If you’re going to some cool event, share why it’s so cool and how we can benefit by following along. It’s important to remember to always bring value to your audience/readers/followers, etc. We see and hear about the same events and shows over and over again during fashion week so how can you give us something we don’t see? What can we learn from your experience in particular?
new york fashion week ss18

Post about what you want to happen

Something that never happens (at least I never see it happening) is bloggers talking about what they want to see happen during fashion week. It would be interesting to see bloggers predict trends, surprises, or what special guests will show up to shows and events.

After all, bloggers are supposed to be the pulse of the market so why not share what you think will happen? Doing so shows you are super involved in the “movement” if you will, and you really do love fashion aka it shows you’re a true expert… especially if your predictions come true!

You could also post about what you want to happen in terms of meeting people or attending certain shows. For example, if you record an Instastory saying how’d you’d love to meet so and so and then tag that person, that’s like social media flirting. You put it out there, the person may watch your story and reach out making arrangements to meet. How cool would that be?! But you never know unless you try. I’m a firm believer that no one can fault you for being a fan of them and if they do, you don’t want to both with that person anyway.

Posting about what you want to happen in terms of your dreams and aspirations if you will, is a way to attract those things into your life. I’ve been talking about Danielle Bernstein from We Wore What for years now and I’ve had the pleasure of hanging with her a few times as of late. What you put out into the world, comes back to you. My point is, there’s no harm in talking about what you want to happen because if you do, it might just happen.

What are your thoughts on fashion week? Love it? Hate it? Tell us in the comments below! 


xx Britt

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