3 Major Investments to Make that Don’t Cost a Thing

Written by: Susan Hang

When you hear “investments”, you immediately think monetary goods, but there are other things in life worth investing in that don’t cost a thing – and they produce exponential returns…

Investing in this sense comes in the form of time, effort, and money – but of course no money necessary if you’re on a serious budget. Here’s what’s worth investing in right now:

investments that don't cost a thing


The older we get, the more we limit ourselves… We know ourselves best – our strengths and our weaknesses – what we’re capable of and certainly what we’re incapable of. But the only limitations that exist are the ones you impose on yourself. It’s possible to be what you don’t think you are by investing time and energy into that thing you didn’t. And it’s never too late. Nothing is set in stone.

I never thought I’d write blog articles for a living. I have never been a runner. I have never been a big risk taker. What I have been is someone who follows rules, fall into the conventional, seeks to make others happy, and searches for security. This is how I was raised.

I know now that all of that is nonsense. In the last two years, I left a comfortable, secure corporate job for something completely unfixed. Trained hard to be able to run 5.5 miles nonstop. I’ve made more decisions that weigh heavier on the reckless side. How I got to this point? Investing time and energy into introspection, journaling, practicing, and being in touch with my feelings rather than sleeping, running a Netflix marathon, or surrounding myself with people and noise. It took a long time, but I’m finally here.


Relationships aren’t something you plant and expect to grow on their own. They take nourishing and time – what you don’t water will eventually die. But, not all friendships are meant to last forever and not all of them hold the same level of quality. You won’t have the time and energy to invest in every single person – and not everyone is worth it. Pick your people carefully. Are you giving the energy and attention to the people who deserve it? If someone is enriching your life, bringing forth value, and lifting you up, that’s probably something worth investing in.


Spend time every single day being thankful to be who you are and grateful for the life that you have. I’ve been paying much attention to the Law of Attraction (more on this later) and this is the first step. You can’t receive more without appreciating what you already have. No matter how unideal your current circumstances are, make a conscious effort to be grateful as often as possible. Remember that what you think you become. What you are, you attract. Good vibes only.

Start today!


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