How to Stand Out When Everyone is Doing the Same Thing

Written by: Susan Hang

It seems that anytime you ask an influencer or industry expert on how to make it as a blogger – or a creative in general – everyone says the same thing… Have a unique perspective… Be yourself… Show the world something different… But what does all that even mean?

If you scroll through Instagram daily, then you’ll easily find that everything has already been done – photography styles, aesthetics, and fashion sense. The reality of the digital space is that originality is hard to come by these days. You can do all kinds of things to be noticed – objectify and sexualize your image, show #nofilter, but not many of those things make a lasting impression. If you’re looking to make an impact and drive up your influence, consider this…

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Stop paying attention to what everyone else is doing

You’re learning via consumption constantly and you don’t even realize it. By consuming the same content all the time be it through looking at someone else’s Instagram feed or reading ONLY one person’s blog habitually, you’ll naturally start to desire what they’re doing… and eventually start copying what they’re doing… If you create as much as you consume, you’d be surprised at what you actually produce. The key lesson here is focus on what YOU’RE doing. Ignore the rest.

Work on self-discipline

It’s true that someone may be more talented than you, have better connections than you, and even be smarter than you. Whatever you are, someone will always be a step ahead. But your drive, work ethic, and commitment can take you further than talent, connections, and intelligence. Develop the self-discipline to commit to something and work on it until you perfect it. Most people will eventually give up at some point. Don’t be that person.

Know your audience

No one can be something for everyone, but anyone can be something for someone. The best way to stand out is to be visible to those who are looking for you – those who need that thing you have to offer. That means figure out who your audience is, where they’re at, and make some noise. Think about the tone you need to be communicating in versus how you’re delivering your message. All these little elements matter.

Communicate with yourself

The next time you catch yourself liking a certain image, a certain style, or a certain aesthetic, ask yourself why? Constantly ask why and how… The more you know and recognize your intention, the closer you move towards achieving it. The best work comes from within so start there.

Use your resources

I encourage you to join Azalle today – not because because I’m behind the scenes, but because these are the types of resources I wish were available to me five years ago. By using successful influencers as a case study for how to stand out, you’ll navigate the playing field much faster! Plus, it’s very unlikely you’ll accomplish everything alone. Consume and utilize the right resources to get you to the right place. With your first 7 days free, there’s no reason to wait.


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