The Art of Collaboration: Grow Your Audience In A Saturated Environment

Written by: Zanita Whittington

YES! I’m creeping back onto your screens…

Firstly by sharing this collaboration with Sophia Macks, the creative visionary behind Beyond The Mag. Sophia has taken the ‘fashion influencer’ model to an elevated position through her concept of curating ideas and working with brands to unite the two aesthetics into one vision. This is how you make a statement in a market overcrowded with snaps of cappuccino, avocado toast, and bouquets…

I’ve been a bit lost on creativity for almost a year now. Through personal setbacks and overextending myself on work, I’ve been left feeling burnt out. It’s challenging to forgive yourself for this kind of lapse, but totally integral to get yourself back on the good foot. I’m so thrilled to share these images with you and so grateful to Sophia for inviting me to help realise her vision. I’m finally getting settled in New York (for good!) and ready to begin a new chapter of self belief, striving to create new things to share with all of you. Going to be sharing more of that story in coming posts, including the challenges I’ve been facing with my mental health and ADHD in hopes that some of you can relate as well.

grow your audience

Much of my work these past 12 months has been Azalle focused – and I’m sure you might have caught up on what that is all about already from our posts here on Zanita Studio. We’ve just released a new course titled “Expanding Your Professional Network” – something I know too well. In the early days of my blog, collaborating with other bloggers was an excellent catalyst for growth. Nowadays, you can use the same strategies to expand your audience and grow your skills through connecting with brands – and these are valuable skills for anyone wanting to increase their network, not just for those dreaming of becoming a successful influencer. Understanding networking online can benefit almost anyone when you consider the possibility a potential employer is likely to google you before before you walk into an interview. Your network can be a great reflection of your place in the environment you strive to work in.

Right now you can trial Azalle for a week for free. I’m also sharing my Photography and Photoshop skills on the platform – and I’m among incredible company… We have superstar TV Host and Blogger Louise Roe sharing her experiences communicating and connecting with confidence, unparalleled creative talent Sonya Esmansharing how she speaks to millions with a genuine voice, and the flawless Jenny Cipolettispilling all she knows on multi-platform branding. I’m so proud of everything we have built and look forward to hearing your thoughts! Got so many amazing courses in the works too… Watch this space.

Been genuinely missing you all so much! It’s crazy how guilt can sometimes avert you from the thing that could really help. I’ve been averting my eyes from sharing in a genuine way in my struggle to be present in my day to day life. Going to strive to keep this up. I feel like I’ve said it before but I recognise this space as a kind of creative therapy – as it was when I first began – sharing was its own reward. Crazy how that can get lost over so much time – I’ve been blogging for nine years now!

Thanks for all of it xx

Beyond The Mag x Roberto Cavalli

Photography: Zanita Whittington

Model and Creative Direction: Sophia Macks

Hair: Edward Tricomi

Make-up: Juliette Perreux

Special thanks to Modern Vice Studios


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