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The Ultimate Summer To-Do List

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro

Every time a new season rolls around, I feel energized and compelled to create a summer to-do list – not necessarily of chores, but things to do that make the season that much better.

Summer in New York is a thing of wonder. You’re sticky, sweaty, messy, but the rooftops and cocktails are great!

Ever since moving here, I’ve only spent one entire summer in NYC, and regardless of the immense heat, I always make a promise to get outside as much as I can.

summer to-do list

In honor of the (very) nice weather, we’re starting a series for summer: What to do, where to go, what to pack, and where to eat. You might be staying in or jetting off somewhere exotic, but take it from us: summer is all around!

Let’s start with my to-do list for the coming months:

#1 Summer is often a quiet season, so I take time to analyze the first half of the year and focus on goals I still need to achieve. Whether it’s finishing the courses at Azalle or decluttering, there are always chore-feeling tasks that need to be done.

#2 Research fun events in the city. While I’m going back home again for some time (wedding and beach season are on), I still enjoy the time I get in the Big Apple. In an effort to enjoy life to the fullest, I look for summer concerts, outdoor restaurants, amazing rooftops and fun events of the season – which will all be covered in coming posts!

#3 Replace dinner with a fresh salad. This might seem like a small task that belongs on the back burner, but nothing is more refreshing than a delish salad! I can’t take heavy/hot meals in the summer, so every year, I begin to scour the realms of the internet for fun new salads to spruce up dinner with. Last week, I made one with spinach, beetroot, avocado and farro, with a tea spoon of mustard.

Pro-tip: add a fresh cocktail! I’m loving gin and ginger ale with lemon – one of my favorites ever.


#4 Go for walks early in the morning. I’ve always been an early riser. But summer in the city makes it impossible for you to walk out between 11AM and 3PM. This is the first year I have a puppy, so early morning walks are mandatory. I always start the day with a walk through the neighborhood. Not only do you get to enjoy the fresh cool morning air, but you also start the day exercising.

#5 Rooftop season! Just last week, I went with my husband and some friends to an amazing rooftop in midtown. With a privileged view of the Empire, we enjoyed a few drinks before venturing into a restaurant to watch the Warriors VS. Cavaliers. Rooftops are hot this time of year, and it’s only a matter of doing a bit of research so you can hop one every night.


#6 Because beach season equals book season, I make a list of the books I want to read. I’ve been really bad this year and haven’t been reading that much. I’m more into podcasts now, but when I hit the sand, I always carry a book to read into the afternoon while tanning my legs.

#7 Throw a dinner party. Because summer nights are nothing without your friends, I always love to throw a dinner party with fresh food, drinks, and great music. Stay tuned for this year’s!

#8 Donate or sell those old clothes. While in the process of putting my winter clothes away and bringing out my summer ones, I always do a little closet decluttering. Whatever I didn’t wear during winter goes into the donate/sell pile. And the same with summer clothes. This way, I don’t feel guilty when I buy a summer dress or a cute romper.

Be sure to let us know in the comments bellow what your plans are for the summer!




X Eduarda

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