I Tried Laser Skincare for the First Time – Here’s What Happened

Written by: Susan Hang

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Hormones… Skin… Life… None of it’s been good to me…

Not at the same time anyway. After suffering a horrendous acne spell that left me scarred for life in 2013, I’ve taken extra care of my skin, changing my lifestyle, regimen, and diet completely… It lasted 7-8 months before I returned to some sort of normalcy. And just as I thought the battle had passed, my skin reverted to the scary hell hole I never thought I’d see again as we slithered into 2017. Since then, it’s been a never ending uphill battle. I’ve pondered the countless remedies I should bask in just to see what would work – specifically laser skincare treatments – but had no clue where to begin.

And then I went to Sydney, and The Clinic happened and I think I found my cure once and for all!

It’s been a good 3-4 weeks since I’ve had the treatment, but the results have been exponential. Kaye at The Clinic was so conspicuously knowledgeable and gave me a wealth of information, I couldn’t wait to share with you all.

ipl treatment - laser skincare

Kaye started with an analysis of my skin – specifically, its type based on the “Fitzpatrick Scale”, its current condition, my medical history, and lifestyle. Kaye said there are usually two parts to skin problems – the primary issue being internal (hormonal based), and then secondary comes from picking and bacteria. The first leads to the second. Other times, skin problems arise from stress, which often has us resorting to sugar and alcohol – and all of these things have a negative impact on the skin. For me, we knew my issue was hormonal (kids, et al).

The most surprising thing I learned in my visit was that you can’t just go in and get any treatment. This means if you decide to tap into laser skincare treatments, pick your specialist carefully. Kaye advised that the skin needs to be prepped appropriately before selecting a treatment, like IPL or Fraxel, because if you’re not careful about it, your skin could wind up worse than before!

So, here’s what we ended up doing: A Blueberry Peel followed by IPL Rejuvenation.

The Blueberry Peel is a clinical peel that contains 20% lactic acid combined with antioxidant blueberry extracts. It corrects dull, aging skin as well as acne and clogged pores. This was perfect for me because my skin was pretty congested. I didn’t find it painful or discomforting at all, just a slight tingle.

laser skincare by the clinic au

The IPL Rejuvenation Treatment that followed corrects pigmentation, discoloration, and redness – my biggest concerns. Before the laser went over my skin, Kaye applied a cool gel that felt very comforting after the peel. The laser application hurt slightly more than I expected, but nothing intolerable – nothing even close to labor. It felt like rubberbands popping on the skin, which I’m sure you’ve heard before – that’s a very accurate representation.

Afterwards, I was left with dark brown crusts sprinkled sporadically across my face. It was a little scary at first, but they disappear like magic within 2 weeks. I also expected peeling skin and a lot more redness, which I didn’t experience at all.

laser skincare - iplIPL

Before | After


the clinic - laser skincare

Now 3.5 weeks later…

My skin is noticeably brighter, clearer, more even, and softer! As soon as the brown crusts cleared up, the pigmentation underneath went away with it. Makeup sits much more beautifully on my skin and I just feel like I’ve regained the youthful glow I’ve lost all these years. I’m feeling much more confident these days as you can probably tell by the selfies on my Insta. I haven’t seen any cystic breakouts or annoying spots since my treatment – it’s seriously the best thing I’ve done for my skin yet.

Overall, I highly recommend the expert services at The Clinic. Everything Kaye has recommended and performed was the closest to miracles I’ve ever had – something that felt unattainable to me. You can tell what a difference it made from the before and after photos here. I can’t wait to share my skincare routine in another post!

Kaye emphasized that IPL and peels aren’t a be-all end-all solution. You still have to do your homework, which means moisturize and WEAR SPF! The treatment helps your skin rejuvenate at a much faster rate, but it’s not a permanent solution. Most people come back for a peel and laser skincare treatment every 6-12 weeks depending on their needs.

Key advice and lessons I took away from my visit:

  • My skin really isn’t that bad (lol, this was AMAZING NEWS for me), and I don’t have any deep acne scarring (which probably means most of you don’t either).
  • Hormone-based pigment (such as those from birth control) comes right back even after laser skincare treatments, and it could also make your skin worse; thus, investing in expensive treatments might not be worth it if your issues are related to the pill.
  • When your skin suddenly breaks out of control, your first step should be to calm the skin down completely rather than trying to treat it. Kaye advised stopping all treatments and just using an effective moisturizer. Moisturizer is never the enemy.
  • Asian skin like mine is naturally very prone to scarring and pigmentation… FML…
  • Mineral makeup allows the skin to breathe, so when your skin is inflamed or being treated, it’s the best to use. Kaye highly recommended Jane Iredale.
  • Cosmedix, SkinMedica, and Aspect (an Aussie brand) are all A+ skincare brands Kaye stands by – and I’ve become a diehard patron.

laser skincare by the clinic

Studio Photos by Nhieu Tang, Edited by me
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