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This Is Millennial Pink

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Have you guys heard of this new term ‘Millennial Pink’? 

It’s also known as ‘Tumblr Pink‘ and ‘Scandi Pink‘!

Technically the look I have here isn’t really that right hue, but I’m fond of the joke – and pink is really having another style moment.  When I was younger, I hated pink – especially when my hair was longer. It was due to my own ‘Barbie Paranoia’, fearing looking ridiculous, like a Barbie doll and too sugary sweet. Today I’m more secure in my sense of style – and I’m simply far too tall, scruffy and ungainly to be considered doll like.


Super loving this cute duffle, accompanied with a pom pom scarf for just the right amount of playfulness. I always use juxtaposition as a styling go-to – in this example, boyfriend jeans and sneakers up against the pretty pink of the coat and fluffy pom pom detail of the scarf. Ying yang. Today I’m representing French Connection, a brand I’ve been a fan of since my early modelling days. It’s a classic aesthetic with that added something extra, an unexpected or high fashion element.


Always EXTRA! Thanks so much French Connection for having me onboard to share this look – and more to come from this collaboration.

Pink Duffle Coat
Boyfriend Jeans
Pom Pom Scarf
Leather Sneaker
Hayley White T-Shirt