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3 Ways to Avoid Blogger’s Remorse

Written by: Brittany Grace

Blogger’s remorse isn’t really a thing, but rather a thing I made up that is 100% relevant to how blogger’s think.

It’s similar to buyer’s remorse – where you buy something and instantly regret your decision.

Blogger’s remorse can range from your blog name to the actual content you put out. Basically, blogger’s remorse is when you doubt anything pertaining to your blog.

I’ve been blogging for almost 7 years now so you can imagine the amount of blogger’s remorse I’ve had… a ton! Had I known certain things back then I would have saved myself a ton of time and money. But you live and you learn and I’m happy to say that for the past 2 years I’ve been remorse-free. Looking at it from a positive light, if I didn’t have blogger’s remorse then, I wouldn’t be able to tell you what I know now, so there’s that!

So in all my years of blog failures, here are 3 ways I’ve learned to avoid blogger’s remorse:
blogger's remorse

Keep a “neutral” blog name

One of my biggest regrets was letting the trends dictate my blog names. At the time, I was thinking of a name for my second blog, and I was obsessed with Gabby Bernstein’s book, Spirit Junkie, so I named my blog Sheer Spirit. Obviously, that’s a very niche name and people got me confused with hair salons because of the word “sheer” as opposed to “shear” as in, cutting shears.

Regardless, that name wasn’t the best as about a year or so into it, my blog began to shift to more fashion and blogger based content. I had a serious case of blogger’s remorse because I knew I had to rebrand my blog… again!

So finally I went with Not Another Blonde which I consider a neutral name since it doesn’t have fashion or design or fit or travel in the name. The only thing you can assume is that it’s a blog about a blonde… which is true! I didn’t want to limit myself with a name like Not Another Fashionista or something like that. I can never be 100% sure where my blog will go so I choose to keep the possibility open with an “open” blog name.

Moral of the story is to keep a neutral blog name that can grow with you. Your own name as your blog name is a great idea because it never goes out of style. You could also use a name that describes your personality or physical appearance.

Research exactly what you need

… emphasis on exactly. When I first started blogging I used the wrong CMS (content management system), web designer, and camera. #bloggersremorse

Because of my mistakes that set me back years in the blogging world, I highly advise against going for the first thing you see.

Look at the bloggers you want to be like and either stalk them to find out what social media they have that you might need, what CMS they use (WordPress, blogger, Squarespace, etc), and what blogging equipment they use (camera, laptop, editing tools, etc.).

Keep in mind their stuff will most likely cost thousands of dollars in total so if that’s the case take things one step at a time. Buy a camera first, then a laptop, then the editing software, or however you prioritize it.

Best case scenario is you ask the bloggers you look up to their opinion on what you should get as a beginner. I would also ask them about the social media they recommend because if you jump on all these platforms at once it can be super hard to manage especially if you’re just starting out.

Bottom line is to research, research, research before you make any final decisions regarding your blog/business.

Don’t think, just do

This kind of goes against what I just said but instead of over thinking something, go with your gut and act on it immediately so you don’t miss the boat. If there’s a new trend, buzz-worthy app, or technique to create content, jump on it! Don’t worry about knowing what to do first, just do it and adjust along the way. Thinking too much prevents you from doing.

Another blogger’s remorse I have is not continuing my YouTube channel when I originally started it years ago. I was making regular Q&A videos until I decided they weren’t “good enough” so I stopped. Now that everyone is on YouTube, it’s much harder to get ahead than it was a few years ago.

Odds are, your first time at anything will never be the best. Your first blog post will most likely be your worst. Your first picture on Instagram will most likely be terrible and your captions will be pointless.

BUT, having something to improve upon is better than having nothing at all. Obviously, you don’t want to close your eyes and post whatever your finger lands on, but if you genuinely do your best every time, you’ll get better and better over time.

When you finally get the courage to do instead of thinking about doing, you’re at least moving in the right direction as opposed to not moving at all. And all movement forward is progress.

Final thoughts: Blogger’s remorse is inevitable but it can be kept to a minimum if you do as I say not as I’ve done! 

What’s your biggest blogging regret? Tell me in the comments below! 

xx Britt

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