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Get to Know Your Audience: Snapchat (Part 2/3)

Written by: Brittany Grace

Snapchat is often one of those platforms that go overlooked by influencers, especially since Instastories hit the market. But here’s the thing…

Snapchat is still an extremely valuable tool, even more so than Instastories. Why?

Snapchat makes it easy for people to share other Snapchatter’s profiles with a simple tap of the finger. Not to mention, Snapchat’s algorithm has remained relatively the same which is great for bloggers and entrepreneurs (meaning people will actually see our content as opposed to Instagram – don’t worry we’ll discuss Insta in Part 3).

engaging an audience on snapchatPlus, the people who add you on Snapchat are your loyal, die hard fans who crave your content. Not for nothin’ but it’s a pretty involved process to add someone on Snapchat. They have to find your username, search it on Snapchat, double check to make sure it’s the right one, and then add you. If your audience is willing to go through all that… they’re really dedicated!

The only issue with Snapchat is that there isn’t really a clear way to track your results, but there are little tricks you can you which will give you a better indication of where your audience stands.

Ask for screenshots

Asking for screenshots is a really fun way to engage with your audience whether it’s a friendly competition, a recipe, a favorite outfit, etc. I’ve had my followers pick out my outfits on numerous occasions. I’ve also asked my followers to screenshot who was funnier (me or my boyfriend, giving my boyfriend a hard time is my favorite).

If you’re a fashion blogger, you can Snap your recent shopping hauls and have your followers screenshot their favorites. If you don’t receive any screenshots that means you should return everything (jk) or your audience isn’t interested in engaging with that kind of content.

Now, if you receive an overwhelming amount of screenshots, then you know you should be creating more of whatever it is that was screenshot. Make sense?

Sometimes your audience can be a little shy and it might take them a few times to warm up and actually screenshot things but that’s ok, be patient.

Watch your views

This is going to be a bit of a challenge because like I said earlier, there’s no actual tool to track your progress on Snapchat, but you still want to pay attention to your views. Do you notice a spike in views when you post certain things? Do some days get better views than others?

I’ve noticed that when I’m on a consistent posting schedule, my views are higher versus when I post on a “when I feel like it” basis (which I do not suggest). Like every other social media platform, Snapchat should be used strategically. You want to have a point to your Snap and always add value (i.e. entertain, educate, or inspire your followers). Do this and I promise your views (and followers) will increase.

Keep an eye on adds

Like your views, you want to also be keeping track of your Snapchat adds. When you ask your Instagram followers to add you on Snap, do you see an increase? Did you attend an event and then get a bunch of adds? Did someone suggest you to their followers and you got an influx of adds?

For example, when I spoke at a school recently, I received a ton of new adds on Snapchat which tells me that a. the students liked what I had to say and b. that’s where they’re hanging out the most. So for me, I’m going to continue to create Snapchat content based on when I get a spike in adds. It’s pretty logical and straightforward if you think about it.

Snapchat is an excellent indicator (if not the best) of how many of your followers are truly engaged and loving your content. Almost everyone has a Snapchat so if you’ve got a lot of people watching you, you’re doing something right. Keep the momentum going by asking questions, trying new things, and involving your audience in your journey/the process. They’ll thank you in views, engagement, and referrals.

Are we friends on Snap? Add me (notanothrblonde) and send me a message and I’ll come check out your content.


xx Britt

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