Top 5 Picks from this Cool-Girl Beauty Brand

Written by: Susan Hang

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There’s been so much buzz and around Glossier, and the one thing I can add is, believe the hype.

Glossier was one of those brands I refused to buy into from the beginning just because I’m always skeptical of everything that’s highly raved about in the blogosphere. Silly me… That’s never a good reason to not buy something. Anyway, I know that we have a lot of international readers, so I think you all will be thrilled to hear that Glossier is launching in the UK later this year.

I’ve reviewed a few Glossier products here and there, but finally decided to put together a thorough guide that includes my top picks. Before we get deeper, here’s who Glossier is for: Anyone deeply rooted in skincare and loves makeup that doesn’t look like makeup. If you don’t have a lot of time, but always want to look fresh and presentable, you’ll no doubt love the multitasking capabilities of the entire line. You probably won’t like Glossier if you have an affinity for full-coverage makeup… In other words, if you appreciate makeup that looks like bam-in-your-face makeup, Glossier may not be a good fit for you. Now onto my top picks (in order):

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#1 Priming Moisturizer Rich

I’m always nagging about my dry skin because it’s a serious issue. I’ve tried countless moisturizers (including vaseline when I was so desperate), but never really found a solution. It gets so bad to the point where I can’t wear makeup because it turns into a scaley mess. This product is like butter for your face. It’ll be too rich for this upcoming heat, but I’ll never forget how PMR essentially saved my face last season. The best part is it’s only $35 (when I almost forked out $200 for some super luxury ones). My skin ends up feeling plump and looks really dewy and healthy, becoming the perfect canvas for makeup. I love this far more than the original Priming Moisturizer.

#2 Super Pure Serum

The Super Pure knows how to calm irritated skin. I’ve gone through 6 bottles – that’s how committed I am to it. It’s only a little annoying that they only come in .5 oz bottles. The texture feels amazing on the skin and sits really nicely underneath moisturizer and makeup. I only use this product during the day though because the formula is quite light and I prefer to nuke my skin with retinols overnight. That means anyone with sensitive skin will absolutely love it.


#3 Boy Brow

I keep repeating this but I mean it… This product is every no-brow girl’s dream come true. In this tube is a pomade, waxy formulation that thickens brow hairs and doesn’t budge. I love a thicker (but natural) brow so I will go back in with a pencil to define and thicken, but Boy Brow far exceeded my expectations. It was one of the last Glossier products I tried, but has become a staple in my everyday routine – not exactly sure how I survived without it to begin with. The pigmentation and intensity are also on point. I use Black, but it’s not obnoxiously black that I look ridiculous. It’s the most perfect brow gel I’ve ever used.

#4 Stretch Concealer

Whenever I’m in a rush, I know I’m grabbing Stretch Concealer. It goes on super fast and stays put. It also works underneath the eyes – brightening and concealing – and on any redness or scars around my face. I love how smooth and wearable it is, never caking up and stays looking like skin. I’d go as far to say that this is the most natural-looking concealer I have ever used. Plus, the shade medium is perfect for my skin tone.


#5 Haloscope – Moonstone

You all know how much I love my highlight, but I used to never wear highlighter during the day because I felt it was too harsh. Glossier changed my mind completely with Moonstone because it almost just looks balmy. There are no visible sparkles, shimmer, or glitter, so I never feel like I’m overdoing it. If anything, I think it’s similar to the balm side of Pat McGrath’s Skin Fetish. It’s really one of the most unique highlighters in my stash.

Have you tried Glossier? What do you think? Don’t forget that you can shop with me and get 20% off your first order or get free shipping through 4/11 with ‘HELLOLA’! 


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