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An Overview on Doing an Instagram Takeover

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro

Even though I’m still uncertain of where my life should be going, one thing is for sure: time waits for no one. And whining isn’t getting me anywhere, but getting off my ass might.

Almost 2 months ago, I was invited to do an Instagram takeover of a company I worked with. I was still going through class at the time and asked if we could make it happen once that was over. They kindly agreed so we postponed it until the end of April (aka this past week).

Last Tuesday, I woke up to an entire day’s takeover and wanted to share that experience with you. The company works with bloggers, influencers, and small businesses, so it felt like the perfect match seeing that I was also attending an influencer conference Zanita spoke at. We established ground rules the day before and went from there.

Instagram takeover

My strategy, which I laid out a few days prior, was to do a mix of different stories. I had planned on sharing encouraging tips on how to become a #girlboss, a bit of my personal routine, and of course New York. The day was unfortunate in that it rained nonstop, but there was still some SoHo charm in there.

I’ve since learned that Instagram takeovers are a great way to collaborate with brands – especially if you’ve worked with them before. It’s also amazing to expose your own brand and allow their followers to get to know you. I was sickly nervous, but honestly loved the whole experience. It’s so important to be creative while still respecting the visual lines of the brand. In the end, they loved it and I couldn’t have been happier.

The next day, I got an email saying how much they loved my personal touches and great tips. And if my experience serves as any inspiration, let it be a reminder to NOT be afraid to approach brands for a takeover. BUT be sure you have a solid, fun, and creative strategy because you want to convince the brand to agree.

It definitely helps if you know the brand well enough to come up with a concept that meshes right in with their vision. Also, be bold enough to also propose something completely out of the box. This shows initiative and helps brands provide their audience with a fresh direction they may have never noticed themselves.

But more than that, it became a huge ordeal for me because it pushed me so far out of my comfort zone. I barely speak on my own Insta Stories, so it feels surreal for someone else to ask me to do it. There’s this sort of vulnerability, even if you’re just talking to the camera, because you know someone out there IS watching you. And in the end, you have to forget the camera and just have loads of fun!

Have you ever done an Instagram takeover? Share your experience!


X Eduarda

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