Hair Products That Helped Me Survive Winter & Beyond

Written by: Susan Hang


If you haven’t noticed, I’m a hair minimalist…

Hair has been the one thing I could care less about in my life up to this point…but I’m realizing more and more that it shouldn’t be neglected. After coloring my hair and blow drying the hell out of it all these years, I’ve finally taken note of the damage… My hair has felt more dry and brittle than ever before. Factor in the dropping temps these last few months and it’s really become lackluster. From balayage to volume, I’ve been doing quite the experimenting and I’m happy to say I’ve been able to narrow down my routine to a select few amazing hair products!

Two lines I’ve just been intro’d to and have been loving are Fatboy Hair and Briogeo Hair. Here’s why…

fatboy hair products

Hairstylist, Tyler Kennedy, was tired of products that weighs down hair, which led him to create Fatboy Hair. Not only is the name (and packaging) as adorable as ever, but the contents deliver what they promise.

Fatboy Daily Hydrating Shampoo

This shampoo makes me feel like I spent an entire day in the salon every single time! It has a very soothing, herbal-y scent, so if you dig that kind of stuff, you’ll absolutely love this – it’s not overwhelming at all, just enough to make you feel amazeballs. Whiff aside, if you struggle with greasiness, hydration, all the while getting your hair to feel clean, then this is what you need. Nothing makes my hair feel as soft and weightless as this one. It’s formulated without sulfates and is perfect for everyday use because it adds body and keeps my strands nourished. If I’m being honest, I don’t even have to use the conditioner – that’s how good it is. If you’re prone to coloring your hair and using heat to style often, you probably will need it.

fatboy shampoofatboy putty

Fatboy Perfect Putty

I’m always all about gritty, texturized hair as I’ve insinuated several times in the past, but I also like to give my hair a break from texturizing sprays whenever possible. What I love about this is that it gives the perfect dose of bedhead without the grease and weight. It’s matte, which means your hair will look no different than before and provides enough hold to channel that roughed-up look. I have slippery, pin straight, fine hair and this product works beautifully. I usually rub small amount of it between my hands before running it through my towel-dried hair, root-to-ends, focusing on the shaft, and then blow dry it. The application requires minimal effort and the result is just perfectly imperfect – exactly what I need.

fatboy tough guy

If you have thicker, coarse hair, you might opt for Tough Guy Water Wax instead.

Next is Briogeo… I love that Briogeo products are all just about derived naturally, so you can feel good about using it.

Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave In Spray

Through the coldest parts of winter, I was using this conditioning spray regularly because my hair was just so dry! I found this product to be super lightweight and left my hair feeling fresh and soft! It can become too much if you overdo it like I kinda did (resulting in semi-greasy hair). However, if you have thicker or severely damaged hair, I don’t foresee this being an issue.

Briogeo Deep Conditioning Mask

I have also been using the Deep Conditioning mask (only once a week) and it’s super effective at bringing life back into my mane. Every time my hair starts to feel worn and torn, I can trust this little guy to make bring it back to healthy state. My locks just feels so much more lustrous, bouncy and fluffy. Highly recommended for anyone who’s struggling with damage from coloring or routine styling.

Briogeo Repair Shampoo

I just finished this shampoo and really loved it especially throughout winter. Now that temperatures have warmed up a bit, it’s become less necessary although I’ll revert once temps drop again. It’s super hydrating – to the point where “repair” is an understatement – and find that using it just 3x a week is sufficient.

briogeo hair productsbriogeo  deep conditioning mask

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