Written by: Zanita Whittington

What better time to return to my content creating schedule than the 30th Anniversary of Matches Fashion and the beginning of one of their most exciting projects, The Style Social. I’ve been lucky enough to have a long relationship with Matches, and I’m honoured to celebrate their 30th (which happens to be just after my own 31st). Serendipity!

Zanita spring outfit

To say I’m relieved at the arrival of Spring would be a total understatement. The season represents a change in many things for me and signifies the end of a VISA-related ordeal which took a toll on me in many ways. I’m finally based in NYC and ready to dig deeper into all things that that inspired me to get into this industry in the first place.

For the love of fashion!

This Spring, I’m vibing the right blend of pastel, muted electric tones, and neutrals. My style over the years has been consistently retro-inspired with an added element of quirkiness. Its’ why these white Chloe Shorts are so fun – they look like they are from another time but also feel totally new.

Barrie is a Scottish brand that was acquired by Chanel in 2012 and was only recently brought to my attention. I’m totally gushing over this adorable striped cashmere top. Not to mention other pieces in the range, which comprise of the softest elegant styles with just the right amount of colour and personality.

Something kinda funny – I thought I was over 50’s styling and full a-line skirts until I saw this Bottega Veneta pairing on the runway. It’s so elegant and fresh – made modern through combining tougher elements. In the show it was worn with heavy brown boots and socks. A favourite go-to of mine – pairing opposites. Juxtaposition, an element of the unexpected is a great key to styling success and something you’ll see street style stars go to time and time again. Think lace with military, satin with suede, pastel with brown or khaki, and sportswear with an elegant heel.

Should mention it was a major buzz to have my hot little hands on this green Loewe bag

zanita x matches fashion spring

I really feel like my sense of style has evolved over the last year. It’s become even louder and in that way, more consistent. I still have a kind of split personality style as many of us do – half my wardrobe is tomboy/sporty and the other half is quirky retro/feminine. There’s more of a punk side to my aesthetic these days too – as you might have noticed from the changing hair colours (the pink is my fave!) and growing collection of tattoos.

After 8 months of unplanned and unexpected suitcase living, I’m excited to consolidate my wardrobe and dress up more everyday to share with you my story of personal style and expression… and then just more of my personal story too. Hope you all like this post in collaboration with The Style Social – a social hub where you can find all things style and Matches Fashion related.

Missed you all very much – Zanita x

Look 1.

Barrie knit, Chloe Shorts, Raey Coat, Marni BagAll from MatchesFashion.com

Look 2

Bottega Veneta skirt, Bottega Veneta shirt, Tibi trench coat, Loewe BagAll from MatchesFashion.com

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